A Concise Introduction to Programming in Python by Mark J. Johnson

By Mark J. Johnson

Appropriate for rookies to desktop technological know-how, A Concise advent to Programming in Python presents a succinct, but entire, first path in computing device technological know-how utilizing the Python programming language.

The e-book features:

brief, modular chapters with short and distinctive causes, meant for one type period
Early creation of simple procedural constructs similar to capabilities, choice, and repetition, letting them be used in the course of the course
gadgets are brought in the midst of the path, and sophistication layout comes towards the end
Examples, routines, and initiatives from a variety of software domain names, together with biology, physics, pictures, sound, arithmetic, video games, and textual analysis
No exterior libraries are required, simplifying the book’s use in universal lab spaces

every one bankruptcy introduces a first-rate suggestion via a concrete instance and a sequence of workouts. Designed to educate programming in a concise, but complete approach, this e-book presents a well timed advent for college students and someone drawn to studying Python.

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Py with a main() that uses nested loops to test your function thoroughly. Project: Newton’s Method Newton’s method is a powerful technique for numerically computing the zeros of differentiable functions. It is an iterative technique, meaning that instead of applying a formula to directly compute the answer, it repeatedly tries to compute a better approximation until the desired accuracy is reached. Iteration is just a fancy word for repetition, which we know how to do in Python using for loops and while loops.

20 Write a function sort3(x, y, z) that returns the three values x, y, and z in sorted order (a, b, c), where a ≤ b ≤ c. Do not use any built-in Python sorting functions, but you may put if statements inside of other if statements. Write a main() that thoroughly tests your function. 20. Use multiple assignment (see page 95) to store the return values of sort3(). 22 Write a function myabs(x) that returns | x |, the absolute value of x, which is given by: { x if x ≥ 0 |x| = −x otherwise Do not use the built-in Python function abs(x).

The turtle holds a pen, and if the pen is down when the turtle moves, then a line will be drawn. The turtle may also move with the pen up or initiate other types of drawing such as “stamping” its own shape or drawing dots. 1 uses the following functions from the Python turtle module: penup() forward(x) left(theta) stamp() clearstamps(n) ycor() Stop drawing turtle path. Move forward x. Turn left angle theta (default is degrees). Draw turtle shape at current location. Delete first n stamps (if n is positive).

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