A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic: Core Vocabulary for by Tim Buckwalter, Dilworth Parkinson

By Tim Buckwalter, Dilworth Parkinson

A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic is a useful instrument for all freshmen of Arabic, delivering an inventory of the 5,000 most often used phrases in sleek average Arabic (MSA) in addition to a number of of the main largely spoken Arabic dialects.

Based on a 30-million-word corpus of Arabic along with written and spoken fabric from the total Arab international, this dictionary presents the consumer with exact details for every of the 5,000 entries, together with English equivalents, a pattern sentence, its English translation, utilization information, a sign of style version, and utilization distribution over numerous significant Arabic dialects.

Users can entry the head 5,000 phrases both during the major frequency directory or via an alphabetical index prepared by means of Arabic roots. in the course of the frequency directory there are thematically-organized lists of the head phrases from a number of key themes comparable to activities, climate, garments, and relatives terms.

An attractive and hugely resource, A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic will let scholars of all degrees to get the main out in their learn of recent Arabic vocabulary.

A CD model is out there to buy individually. Designed to be used by means of corpus and computational linguists it presents the total textual content in a structure that researchers can technique and switch into appropriate lists for his or her personal study work.

Tim Buckwalter is study affiliate on the collage of Maryland.

Dilworth Parkinson is Professor of Arabic at Brigham younger college, Provo, Utah.

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Since, ago; conj. ‫ﺗﻜﻠﲈ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻘﺮﺏ ﻣﻦ ﺳﺎﻋﺘﲔ‬ ‫ — ﺣﻴﺎﺗﻪ‬The two of them spoke for close to play a role) 170 ‫ ﻃﹺ ﹾﻔﻞ‬n. child, infant; boy, baby boy; fem. ‫ﻃﹺ ﹾﻔ ﹶﻠﺔ‬ ‫ ﹶﺃ ﹾ‬n. children, infants; girl, baby girl, pl. and since that night his life has cold waiting for their turn to enter changed 99 | 19242 | 88 | 21011 | ‫ ﹶﻭ ﹾﺟﻪ‬n. pl. ‫ ﹸﻭ ﹸﺟﻮﻩ‬face, front; side; way, manner; ‫ﹴ‬ pl. ) face ‫ — ﺑﺎﻟﻜﺎﺩ ﻇﻬﺮﺕ ﻋﲆ ﻭﺟﻬﻬﺎ ﺍﺑﺘﺴﺎﻣﺔ ﻣﻜﺴﻮﻓﺔ‬A shy 176 ￯ ‫ ﹶﻟﺪﹶ‬prep. /adj. Iraqi ‫ﺮﺍﻗ ﹼﻲ‬ ‫ ﻋﺮﺍﻗﻴﺎ ﰲ ﻫﺠﲈﺕ ﰲ ﺑﻐﺪﺍﺩ ﻭﻣﻨﺎﻃﻖ‬١٣ ‫ﻗﺘﻞ‬ ‫ — ﺃﺧﺮ￯ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺍﻕ‬Thirteen Iraqis were 183 ‫ — ﺣﺘﻰ ﺍﻷﺣﻼﻡ ﺍﳉﻤﻴﻠﺔ ﺗﺼﻞ ﺇﱃ ﳖﺎﻳﺎﲥﺎ‬Even areas of Iraq beautiful dreams reach their end 93 | 19794 | 99 | 18236 | (to do sth) ‫ ﺇﹺﺳ ﹺ‬adj.

Pl. ‫ ﹸﺷ ﹸﻌﻮﺏ‬people, nation ‫ﻋﲆ ﺍﻟﻐﺮﺏ ﻋﺪﻡ ﺍﻹﺳﺎﺀﺓ ﺇﱃ ﺍﻟﺸﻌﻮﺏ ﺑﺈﻃﻼﻕ ﺗﺴﻤﻴﺎﺕ‬ ‫ — ﻛﻤﺤﻮﺭ ﺍﻟﴩ ﻭﻟﺼﻖ ﲥﻤﺔ ﺍﻹﺭﻫﺎﺏ ﺑﺎﻹﺳﻼﻡ‬The West should not insult people by calling them ‫ﺍﳌﺴﻴﺢ ﻻ ﳛﻞ ﻟﺮﺟﻞ ﺃﻥ ﻳﻄﻠﻖ ﺍﻣﺮﺃﺗﻪ ﻷﻱ ﺳﺒﺐ ﺇﻻ‬ ‫ — ﻟﻌﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺎ‬Christ does not permit a man to 118 19 ‫ ﺷﺎﺀ‬v. I (a) to want, desire sth; ‫ ﻛﹶﲈ ﹺﺷﺌ ﹶﹾﺖ‬as you wish; ‫( ﺇﻥ ﺷﺎ ﹶﺀ ﺍﷲ‬informally ‫ ﺍﻧﺸﺎﺀ ﺍﷲ‬and ‫ )ﺍﻧﺸﺎﷲ‬hopefully, God willing ‫ﻧﺤﻦ ﻣﺴﺘﻌﺪﻭﻥ ﻟﺴﲈﻉ ﻛﻞ ﻭﺟﻬﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻨﻈﺮ ﺍﳌﻌﺎﺭﺿﺔ‬ ‫ﻟﻜﻦ ﺃﻥ ﻳﺼﺒﺢ ﻟﻜﻞ ﺷﺨﺺ ﺇﺫﺍﻋﺔ ﻭﺗﻠﻔﺰﻳﻮﻥ ﻭﻳﻘﻮﻝ ﻣﺎ‬ ‫ — ﻳﺸﺎﺀ ﻓﻬﺬﻩ ﻓﻮﴇ ﻭﻟﻴﺴﺖ ﺣﺮﻳﺎﺕ‬We are prepared to listen to all opposing points ‫ﻮﺭﺓ‬ ‫ ﹸﺻ ﹶ‬n.

II to offer, present sth; to submit ‫ ﻋﲆ‬for (position) ‫ ﻃﺒﻖ ﻣﺮﺻﻊ ﺑﺎﻟﺼﺪﻑ ﻣﻦ ﺧﺎﻥ‬:‫ﻗﺪﻣﺖ ﻟﻪ ﻫﺪﻳﺔ ﺑﺴﻴﻄﺔ‬ ‫ — ﺍﳋﻠﻴﲇ‬I offered him a simple gift: a plate (request, complaint); to apply ‫ ﺑﹺﲈ‬part. part. ‫ ﻣﺶ ﺣﺎﺗﺼﺪﻕ‬- ‫— ﺃﻳﻪ ﺍﻟﲇ ﺣﺼﻞ؟‬ What happened? – You won’t believe it. – peace process hasn’t witnessed any tangible 84 | 17343 | ‫ ﹶﺃ ﹾﻣﻦ‬n. safety, security, protection; order, control, discipline ‫ ﻗﺎﻧﹸﻮﻥ‬n. pl. ‫ ﹶﻗﻮﺍﻧﹺﲔ‬law, statutes, regulations ‫ ﺃﻻ ﻳﻌﻤﻞ ﰱ ﺷﻰﺀ‬،‫ ﺣﺴﺐ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻧﻮﻥ‬،‫ﻛﺎﻥ ﻋﲆ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻨﻬﲈ‬ ‫ — ﻏﲑ ﻗﺮﺍﺀﺓ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﺁﻥ‬According to the law, each one of (the two of ) them cannot take any 233 ‫ ﺍﻷﹶ ﹾﻣ ﹺ‬and ‫ﺲ‬ ‫ ﺑﹺﺎﻷﹶ ﹾﻣ ﹺ‬yesterday ‫ ﹶﺃ ﹾﻣ ﹺ‬adv.

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