A Haunted October: 31 Seriously Scary Ghost Stories by Adams Media

By Adams Media

Thirty-one days, thirty-one chilling tales to scare you all of the solution to Halloween. On every day top as much as All Hallows' Eve, you'll be brought to a daunting poltergeist. [i]A Haunted October[i] presents a month's worthy of terrifying stories that'll hang-out you for years to come.

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It is Hathor who inflicts punishment on those who offend the gods or overstep the limits of divine prerogatives. In this role she is most often identified with Sekhmet (“the Powerful One”), the fearsome lioness-headed goddess associated with war and violence. In another story involving Ra, “The Destruction of Mankind,” the sun god has grown old and human beings are plotting to overthrow his authority. Ra discovers their treachery and orders Hathor to take vengeance on them. Unfortunately, Hathor in her aspect as Sekhmet takes to her work too readily, and by the time she stops to rest at the end of the day she has destroyed half of the people on earth.

He moved his capital from Upper Egypt to establish a new royal capital in Memphis, about two hundred miles south of the Mediterranean coast. The distinction between Upper and Lower Egypt as separate lands was maintained long after the two regions were united. The royal title nisu-bity, usually translated “King of Upper and Lower Egypt” appears in the early third millennium. The king sometimes wore a double crown combining the white crown of Upper Egypt (the hedjet, shaped like a fat bowling pin) with the upswept red crown of Lower Egypt (the deshret).

She was identified with various abodes of Horus, including the sky, and understood to be his protector Head of Hathor, shown in human form with cow’s ears, from the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation Egypt: The Gods and the World They Made y 25 and nurturer. She may have been a manifestation of Isis in early Egyptian religious culture and in that respect the mother of Horus. Hathor is also closely associated with the sun god Ra, and is often said to be Ra’s daughter.

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