A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python (4th Edition) by Hans Petter Langtangen

By Hans Petter Langtangen

The publication serves as a primary advent to machine programming of medical functions, utilizing the high-level Python language. The exposition is instance and problem-oriented, the place the purposes are taken from arithmetic, numerical calculus, records, physics, biology and finance. The booklet teaches "Matlab-style" and procedural programming in addition to object-oriented programming. highschool arithmetic is a required heritage and it really is useful to review classical and numerical one-variable calculus in parallel with interpreting this ebook. in addition to studying how one can application desktops, the reader also will find out how to resolve mathematical difficulties, bobbing up in a variety of branches of technology and engineering, because of numerical tools and programming. by way of mixing programming, arithmetic and clinical purposes, the ebook lays a great origin for practising computational technology.

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52: Make a tool for analyzing oscillatory solutions . . 53: Implement problem, solver, and visualizer classes . 54: Use classes for flexible choices of models . . . . . 55: Apply software for oscillating systems . . . . . . 56: Model the economy of fishing . . . . . . . . . 767 767 767 767 768 768 768 769 769 770 770 770 771 771 771 772 772 772 773 773 774 776 777 777 778 778 780 781 782 782 783 784 785 788 789 790 1 Computing with formulas Our first examples on computer programming involve programs that evaluate mathematical formulas.

21: Generate an HTML report . . . . . . . . . . 22: Use a class to archive and report experiments . . 23: Explore logistic growth interactively . . . . . . 24: Simulate the price of wheat . . . . . . . . . . 1: Interpolate a discrete function . . . . . . . . . 2: Study a function for different parameter values . . 3: Study a function and its derivative . . . . . . . 4: Use the Trapezoidal method . . . . . . . . . . 5: Compute a sequence of integrals .

For all variables without a precise mathematical definition and symbol, use a carefully chosen descriptive name. 9 Reserved words in Python Certain words are reserved in Python because they are used to build up the Python language. These reserved words cannot be used as variable names: and, as, assert, break, class, continue, def, del, elif, else, except, False, finally, for, from, global, if, import, in, is, lambda, None, nonlocal, not, or, pass, raise, return, True, try, with, while, and yield.

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