A Quick Glance at Quantum Cryptography by Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.

By Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.

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13 Appendix B. Proof that an undetectable eavesdropper can obtain no information from the B92 protocol In this appendix we prove that an undetectable eavesdropper for the B92 protocol obtains no information whatsoever. The proof is taken from [12]. Let |a and |b denote the two non-orthogonal states used in the B92 protocol7 . Thus, a|b =0 Let U be the unitary transformation performed by Eve’s detection probe, which we assume is initially in state |Ψ . Since Eve’s probe is undetectable, we have |Ψ |a → U |Ψ |a = |Ψ |a |Ψ |b → U |Ψ |b = |Ψ |b where |Ψ and |Ψ denote the states of Eve’s prober after the detection of |a and |b respectively.

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