Abstraction and Representation: Essays on the Cultural by Peter Damerow

By Peter Damerow

The writer of this ebook is affiliated with the guts for improvement and Socialization of the Max Planck Institute for Human improvement and Ed­ ucation in Berlin and heads its application on tradition and cognition which de­ votes its labors to the reconstruction of clinical techniques via heritage in a point of view of what should be known as "historical epistemology." he's additionally a member of a comparable examine team within the newly based Max Planck Institute for the heritage of technological know-how in Berlin. maybe this double association throws a few mild at the scope of Damerow's clinical pursuits. In any occasion it's going to clarify why representatives of either those associations take part an attempt to introduce Peter Damerow's writings to an English conversing audi­ ence. Damerow's scholarship levels throughout generally varied parts together with philosophy and background of technology, psychology, and schooling. between his fields of workmanship are the emergence of writing, early Babylonian mathe­ matics, the historical past of mathematics, the connection among natural and utilized arithmetic, the speculation and strategies of arithmetic guide, the tran­ sition from preclassical to classical mechanics, and the background and thought of relativity.

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Regulations obviously playa role in reflection onto a level brought about by their coordination. b. On each new level, what we have called 'reflexion' gives rise to new equilibrations through regulation of indexes, and so forth. ' c. It is a matter of course that the higher system constitutes a regulator exercising control over the regulations of lower level. That is the case wherever reflexion occurs, because reflexion is a reflexion 'on' what has been acquired previously. Reflexion thus represents the prototype of a regulation of regulations, since it is itself a regulator and takes control over whatever is inadequately controlled by previous regulations.

This will explain why logico-mathematical construction is, properly speaking, neither invention nor discovery; proceeding by means of reflective abstractions, it is a construction in the full sense of the word; that is, it is productive of new combinations. But such combinations can only be brought about by a combinatorial attainable by calculation at the levels below and previous to the construction of the new structure, for the latter, by retroactive effect ... " ([ II], p. ) "Reflective abstraction includes two indissociable activities.

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