Adverbial Clauses in Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study by May Lai-Ying Wong

By May Lai-Ying Wong

What are adverbial clauses in chinese language? Do all of them have matters as their opposite numbers do in English? How do the semantic domain names of adverbial clauses have interaction with the distribution of matters? How do chinese language corpora aid us discover those interesting questions?
the purpose of this examine is to illustrate the usefulness of corpus linguistics as a technique in grammar stories. A problem-oriented tagging technique has been used to permit the exploration of adverbial clauses within the corpus and to spot 11 semantically established sessions of adverbial clauses. whereas it's a famous undeniable fact that chinese language adverbial clauses (CACs) are brazenly marked through a subordinating conjunction, their topics may be left unexpressed and recovered within the earlier discourse. through analysing clearly happening spoken and written samples from numerous corpora, the writer examines this exciting phenomenon of overt and non-overt topics in adverbial clauses.

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Yet previous analyses focus only on a limited range of adverbial clauses in Chinese and those analyses are mainly based on spoken data. In the light of this, my research contributes by providing a comprehensive, corpus-based, theoretically informed analysis of all of the potential semantic types of adverbial clauses in Chinese on the basis of both spoken and written data. 1 Introduction The PFR Chinese Corpus used in this book is part-of-speech (POS) tagged. For the purposes of this book, however, I decided to add a further level of annotation to the corpus – constituent structure or syntactic annotation.

Therefore, an adjective morpheme, resembling a common adjective semantically, is a morpheme signifying an attributive meaning to the word to which it is attached. It refers to those adjectives functioning as adverbial without any modification to their morphological or phonological form. It refers to those adjectives which can fulfil nominal functions in a clause. No. Tagset POS (in Chinese) POS (in English) 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 o p Qg q Rg r s Tg t Ug u Vg v vd vn w x Yg y z ㊇⢘孵ġ ṳ孵ġ 慷宕䳈ġ 慷孵ġ ẋ宕䳈ġ ẋ孵ġ ⢬㇨孵ġ 㖞斜宕䳈ġ 㖞斜孵ġ ≑宕䳈ġ ≑孵ġ ≐宕䳈ġ ≐孵ġ ∗≐孵ġ ⎵≐孵ġ 㞯䁡䫎⎟ġ 朆宕䳈⫿ġ 宕㮼宕䳈ġ 宕㮼孵ġ 䉞⾩孵ġ Onomatopoeia Preposition Classifier Morpheme Classifier Pronoun Morpheme Pronoun Space Word Time Word Morpheme Time Word Auxiliary Morpheme Auxiliary Verb Morpheme Verb Verb as Adverbial20 Verb with Nominal Function21 Punctuation Unclassified Item Modal Particle Morpheme Modal Particle Descriptive Table 1: The 46 PFR tagset.

Ford and Thompson, 1986: 360) Besides conditional clauses, the theme that preposed adverbial clauses perform a different job in discourse than do postposed ones holds across other adverbial clause types. Thompson’s (1985) paper on the distribution of purpose clauses in English texts is another attempt at defining the distribution of adverbial clauses in discourse. She identifies the discourse factors that determine whether a purpose clause will be placed before or after its main clause and concludes that initial and final clauses are performing different functions in discourse.

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