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A. B. Entrance. The wood-and-steel door to this tomb requires a medium maneuver roll to pick the lock. Circular chamber. Fifteen feet in diameter, this room contains the body of Tarcil and his queen and two chests. Items upon Tarcil: 1. A + 15 magic longsword. 2. One + 10 chainmail and shield. 3. A + 15 magic long k n i f e . 4. One + 5 longbow. Hems in Chest One: 1. Three + 15 magic daggers. 2. Two + 10 longswords. 3. 100 gp worth of jewelry. Items in the Other Chest: 1. 450 gp worth of jewelry.

2. One + 10 magic long knife. 3. A + 15 chainmail. 4. One + 10 shield. Items in the Chest: 1. 350 gp worth of jewelry. 2. Shoes, stockings and a silk slocking. Items in Chest One: 1. 2. 3. 4. 39. Mendacil Three +10 magic shortswords. One + 10 chainmail. A +5 helm. One pair of Boots of Leaping. Items in the other two chests: 1. 400 gp worth of jewelry. 2. Clothing, books and chicken bones in the shape of Cardolan. 38. A. 1235 (45) One lesser wight haunts this tomb. A. B. Entrance. This barrow has a door of wood and steel and requires a m e d i u m maneuver roll to pick the lock.

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