An Introduction to Logic (Second Edition) (1890) by W. H. S. Monck

By W. H. S. Monck

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Word has an extension. If I met an unicorn, that term would have an extension is also. These terms afford us a short way of expressing what The Pro asserted in any proposition or judgment. position Every Man Rational, asserts that the is com prehension or connotation of the term Eational is found in all the individuals comprised in the extension or Man. denotation of the term Every Equilateral Tri comprehension or angle Equiangular, connotation of the term Equiangular is found in all the individuals comprised in the extension of the term asserts that the is Equilateral- Triangle.

For if Introduction we attempt to to prove Logic. them we must reason ; if anyone doubts or denies the principles involved in all reasoning, it is impossible to reason him into a in other words, to prove them. But I belief in them will try to realise in his own mind who think the reader and the meaning employed in see that the conclusions drawn of the several propositions these inferences will from them necessarily follow in fact that they only express the same meaning or a part of the same meaning in other words.

Letter I. ; E. C 0. ; It frequently happens, however, that a writer or speaker avoids telling you distinctly whether he is speaking of All or Some. , talks about it is The often very which he means, and occasionally, know himself. mpliative, and as Verbal and Real. t These propositions in which the quantity of the Subject is unex pressed are called Indefinite. In Singular propositions (propositions in which the subject is singular) the quantity is usually left unexpressed, because the whole must be meant, as already pointed out.

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