The application of chess theory by Yeffim Geller

By Yeffim Geller

Yefim Geller has been one of many world's most appropriate grandmasters during the last 4 a long time, within which time he has validated a name as being the major Russian authority on starting thought. during this annotated selection of his personal video games, Geller exhibits the sensible merits of a legitimate figuring out of establishing technique.

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For your time now, i've got felt that the time is correct to jot down a e-book approximately computing device Chess. Ever because the first makes an attempt at chess professional­ gramming have been made, a few twenty 5 years in the past, curiosity within the topic ha"s grown from yr to yr. in the course of the overdue Fifties the topic was once first delivered to the eye of the general public via a piece of writing in Scient(fic American, and no more than a decade later a chess application used to be competing in a event with people.

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Kg8 17 Kb1 18 Qf7 + 19 Rad1 + Kg7 could have been met by 1 5 B X e5 + d X e? 1 6 0-0 Qg8 17 Be8, etc. the development of events in our game, saw analysis by Kb4 22 Qc4 + Ka5 23 b4 (Qa4) mate. playing ' 1 3 . . Kg7. This merely enabled them to 20 R X d4 + 21 e5 + prolong their resistance. The strongest defence for Black was found had appeared in virtually all the world's chess mind the 22 Qc7 + 23 B x c6 13 . . , and has in following main e x d4 Kc5 2 1 . . K X e5 allows a pure mate by 22 Qc7.

26 Qd7 Instead 28 . . Rde2 was recommended� so as to exchange White's attacking rook by 29 . . Ret. But it too fails to save the game� since White replies 29 Be3, threatening to win the exchange by 30 Nf6 + , and on 29 Rc2 he plays the thematic 30 B X h6. , and White could have carried them out at the most favourable opportunity. 25 cxd3 Rd2 Rc2 27 Ne3! The tempting 29 Q X h6 + will not run away. Now this threat is even stronger : after 30 Q X h6 + g X h6 3l Nf6 + Kh8 32 N X d7 + Bg7 33 B x g7 + K x g7 34 h5 Black loses a piece.

24 . . R X g4� Qc8 Black hopes to give up his queen for the white rook, but in doing so he leaves his bishop at e7 without defence. 25 Qh8 + 26 Rh7 + 27 Qg7 1 8 . . , for example : 1 9 . . h8 2 1 Qc4 ! Rf8 22 R X f7 d5 ! h7 27 B X e5 . Mter the move in the game an extraordinary position is reached ! Under attack are White's queen, rook, bishop and knight, and in addition the black pawn at c3 is not so far away from the queening square ! 19 Qe3 Kf7 Ke6 Kd7 In view of the threats of 28 Q X g4 mate and 28 Q x e7 mate this is the only move.

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