Assyrian Rulers of the Third and Second Millennia B.C. (to by A. Kirk Grayson

By A. Kirk Grayson

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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1903 Andrae, MDOG 20 pp. 27-28 (ex. 2, provenance) 1909 Andrae, AAT p. 2 (ex. 2, photo) 1911 Messerschmidt, KAH 1 no. 60 (ex. 2, copy) 1911-12 Luckenbill, AJSL 28 pp. 166-67 (ex. 2, edition) 1926 Meissner, IAK v 9 (exs. 1-2, 5-6, edition) 1926 Luckenbill, ARAB 1 §35 (translation) 1972 Grayson, ARI 1 xxxm 13 (translation) 1984 Marzahn and Rost, Ziegeln 1 nos. 53-55 (exs. HI. A iš-ku-un 1-14) Erišum, vice-regent of the god Aššur, son of I1u-šumma, vice-regent of the god Assur, built the whole temple of the god Adad for his life and the life of his city and installed the doors.

3 (translation) 1983 DeUer , Oriens Antiquus 22 pp. )] a-bi-šu vba-\-la-rm-šu rba*-la-[at] a-he-e-[šu\ ù ba-l[a-a(] ma-re-e-îštfi ga-nu-na-am mu-ša-an-wi-i[r] 90 1O0 110 120 130 Lacuna 13' Cf. von Soden, AHw p. 770a sub nawāru Š 2; CAD 11/1 (N) p. 218 namūru 8c; and cf. Deller. 26 2001 This is the legend on a cylinder seal of a scribe of Aminu who is, presumably, identical with the ruler of Assur of this name. 4 cm. The inscription has been collated from the published photos. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1957-58 Nagel, AfO 18 p.

22-26 (exs. 1, 3-6, copy) 1905 Andrae, MDOG 28 p. 11 (ex. 1, provenance) 1926 Meissner, IAK vi 1 (exs. 1-4, edition) 1927 Luckenbill, ARAB 2 p. 502 (translation) 1972 Grayson, ARI 1 xxxiv 1 (translation) 1976 Larsen, City-State p. 60 n. )i-[jtu-wn] Lacuna and made firm [his] work. Ikū[num], his son, completely ... )» found in the Aššur temple at Aššur. COMMENTARY The object (VA 8830, Ass 4587, Ass ph 460, 471) was discovered in an oven at the gateroom of the north-west door of the south-west court of the Aššur temple, hD3v.

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