Atlas of Chrysophycean Cysts: Volume II by Anna N. Wilkinson, Barbara A. Zeeb, John P. Smol (auth.)

By Anna N. Wilkinson, Barbara A. Zeeb, John P. Smol (auth.)

This Atlas makes an attempt to dispel the various secret surrounding stomatocysts, to facilitate the exact identity of person cyst morphotypes, and to inspire different staff to start utilizing those very important symptoms of environmental swap. The terminology is printed intimately. this is often by means of certain descriptions of cyst morphotypes, which maintains from paintings accomplished within the first Atlas. Any on hand biogeographical and ecological details is usually supplied.
We think this Atlas could be helpful to paleoecologists who desire to contain stomatocysts of their reviews. We additionally count on this e-book may be utilized by researchers operating with dwelling chrysophytes, and people drawn to the morphology and ultrastructure of cyst morphotypes. expectantly those descriptions will extra speed up the continuing attempt to hyperlink cyst morphotypes to the algae that produce them.

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Stomatocyst 201. A: SEM. B: Line drawingofSEM. C: LM. D: Line drawingofLM. Scale bar= 2~tm. LM x 1500. Lm) has a smooth surface. The "pore" (diam. Lm) is surrounded by a planar annulus (diam. Lm). A low cylindrical LOCALITY: Florence Lake (48°30'N; 123°30'W), British Columbia, Canada. Gravity core, core depth 0-1 em. collar (diam. Lm; ht. Lm) has a sloping inner margin and an abrupt outer margin. It is unusual to see such a SEM DESCRIPTION: This cyst was previously incompletely described in Duff et a/ (1994).

C: LM. D: Line drawing of LM. Scale bar= 211m. LM x 1500. presence of a false complex collar. P. Smol3524 REFERENCES: We have not definitely identified this stomatocyst elsewhere. LOCALITY: Lena River Region (69°23 'N; 125°08'E), Siberia, Russia. Peat core, core depth 268-270 em. ECOLOGY: Stomatocyst 273 was present in low abundances in decomposed arctic peat. Its maximum relative abundance (5. , 1997). Fig. 31 SEM DESCRIPTION: This is a smooth, spherical stomatocyst (diam. Lm) with a complex collar.

C: LMforma A. D: Line drawing ofLMforma A. E: SEMjorma C. F: LMforma B, cross-sectional view. G: LMforma B, surface view. H: Line drawing ofLMforma B. 1: LMforma C. J: Line drawingjorma C. lffi. LM xl500. approximating an incomplete cylindrical collar. This collar has a rounded apex (diam. lm; ht. liD) and encircles ca 3/4 of a regular pore (diam. 4 11m). in arctic ponds on rock scrapes, wet and submerged mosses (Wilkinson et a/. , 1997). , 1992). Forma A was more abundant thanformae Band C. LM DESCRIPTION: This stomatocyst can be distinguished from stomatocyst 234 by its unique collar.

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