Attic Fine Pottery Of The Archaic To Hellenistic Periods In by Catherine Morgan

By Catherine Morgan

This publication studies the character and social functionality of Attic superb pottery imported to the Greek colony of Phanagoria within the Taman Peninsula, southern Russia. the 1st a part of the ebook reports the historical past of analysis at Phanagoria, and provides an absolutely illustrated catalogue of Attic imports from the excavations of the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1971-1996) and latterly the college of London. A concluding part examines imports from town and its cemeteries within the wider context of the "Bosporan nation, drawing jointly a wide choice of comparanda specifically from the towns of the Taman Peninsula. through comparability of knowledge from Athens, the northern Aegean, Ionia, and the northern Black Sea, the altering function of Attic pottery in Black Sea exchange is classed.

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Ca. 550–530. g. CVA British Museum 4 (Great Britain 5), pl. 3a. A Nereid in a similar pose flees the abduction of Thetis by Peleus on the pelike CVA Copenhagen 3 (Denmark 3), pl. 1a Upper City, 1977: Trench 2, room 7, under floor. Moscow, Institute of Archaeology. 17 Pls. 2, 32 Round mouth. Two joining rim and neck sherds preserving ca. one third diameter. On lip, four rows of irregular chequerboard; beneath, line meander to right with two framing bands above and one over break below. Interior glazed for almost full depth preserved, added red band at top of rim.

Moscow, Institute of Archaeology. 5 Pls. 1, 32 Neck-amphora with palmette lotus chain. Mid-lower body sherd. Part of palmette with outer border line; on reserved field, edge of unidentified motif (modern scratch). Ht. 030, w. 036, th. 005–6. Ca. 540/530 onwards. g. CVA J. Paul Getty Museum 1 (USA 23), pl. 25, plus border. Upper City, 1975: room 1, upper level. Moscow, Institute of Archaeology. CATALOGUE 2 – 8 31 6 Pls. 1, 32 Probably a neck amphora. Sherd from base of wall over foot. Base rays with a row of ivy leaf between bands above.

G. Shear 1993, 388–393 (late Archaic Athenian Agora); DeVries 1997, 450, 453 (Gordion); Blondé 1988, 56 (Thasos). At Pistiros (Pistiros I, 77), Archibald estimates 4:1 or 5:1 from certain excavation contexts (although this is not a precise calculation necessarily valid for the entire site). DeVries 1997, 450 notes ca. 7:1 for the fifth century Agora public dining room deposit published by Rotroff and Oakley 1992. At Clazomenai, only the figured wares have been published and the black-glaze is currently the subject of PhD research; I am grateful to Bilge Hürmüzlü for confirming that black-glaze outnumbers figured wares to an extent similar to that noted above in both the sixth and fourth century settlements.

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