Azaheterocycles Based on α, β-Unsaturated Carbonyls by Valentin A. Chebanov, Sergey M. Desenko, Thomas W. Gurley

By Valentin A. Chebanov, Sergey M. Desenko, Thomas W. Gurley (auth.)

This monograph is dedicated to heterocyclization of aliphatic and fragrant a,ß-unsaturated carbonyls with a variety of binucleophiles. those reactions produce partly hydrogenated nitrogen-containing heterocycles which are attention-grabbing because of their major position in organic procedures. they are often utilized in conjunction with combinatorial excessive throughput equipment that contain microwave-assisted and ultrasonic-promoted reactions. The monograph is a accomplished assessment of the identified literature info dedicated to the reactions of a,ß-unsaturated ketones, their man made equivalents and precursor. it's meant for chemists operating within the box of experimental syntheses and theoretical investigations of nitrogen-containing heterocycles, teachers at college and graduate students.

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Instead of forming 1-hydroxy4-piperidone 98 or isoxazole 99, a double Michael-type addition of the OH and NH groups of hydroxylamine across the double bonds of 96 with formation of hexahydro1,2-oxazepine 97 occurs [101]. 3 Structure, Chemical and Physicochemical Properties of Pyrazolines Most chemical and physicochemical properties of aromatic substituted pyrazolines as well as isoxazolines are formed by the p,p,p-system of the diarylhydrazone (oxime) moiety. Some results of the p-electron structure analysis of pyrazolines were systematized in [102].

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