Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Forgotten Realms: Computer by Philip Athans

By Philip Athans

Bhaal is dead!But his disciples are looking to convey him again. The blood of the god of homicide runs via his childrens, and undesirable blood draws undesirable people.Shadow thieves, vampires, ninjas, and rockworms run rampant at the Sword Coast within the action-packed novelization of the Baldur's Gate II desktop video game from BioWare and interaction.

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Be could spot the tallest tower easily enough and made straight for it. The building did generate a kind of dull foreboding, and Abdel had to work to keep it out of his mind. Be didn't want to think too much about what he was doing. Be didn't want to think that he was intentionally breaking into a place that no one would ever want to see the inside of. Abdel shook his head and rowed faster. "Ease up, kid," the old pirate grumbled. Bavarian looked up at the towers and battlements of the fortress-like asylum and went pale.

It put its foot up onto Abdel's shoulder and launched itself into the air, walking up the wall behind the big sellsword, its feet continuing up and around over its own head. The minotaur's toes tapped the ceiling as it spun around, twisting in the air and hitting the floor a pace to Abdel's left. Abdel might have been the only human on Faerun big enough to allow the minotaur to use that move. Even as the minotaur's foot came off his shoulder, Abdel launched himself forward and slid along the floor in the direction of the sheet-shrouded table.

The cold was gone all at once, and Abdel's jaw came open, and a breath escaped. His arms still stiff, but considerably faster now, Abdel spun his sword through loose fingers and brought it back down at the coordinator— much harder this time. The invisible barrier held, and the sword bounced off it. Abdel heard one footstep behind him and didn't realize that Mai Cheirar had come up close behind him until the sword flipped back past his head and slid down the middle of the sailor's right eye. Mai Cheirar screamed, and Abdel shrugged, happy to have this tiny bit of good luck in what was becoming a frustratingly long run of bad luck.

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