Basic Selling Skills by Sean McPheat

By Sean McPheat

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**THIS IS the true fifth version AT LAST** This 5th variation of concord marks the forty-fifth yr of its profitable use. Years after Walter Piston's loss of life, his scholars and their scholars can nonetheless take nice delight within the enduring energy of his instructing. by way of now it truly is undeniable that the e-book isn't the same as what it was, yet its crucial technique and its simple substance stay as they have been.

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So the new acronym stands for:  A – Attention  I – Interest  D – Desire  C – Commitment  A – Action Please click the advert In the AIDA model, commitment is considered to be part of the Action stage. But there is no reason you cannot consider Commitment as a separate stage. Commitment in this sense is a way of securing that your prospect will move to the Action stage. Once you have given your presentation for a solution, you gain commitment to your solution before moving on to take the necessary action to implement the solution.

Avoid using the word ‘but’ in response to an objection, which sounds confrontational. Never engage in arguments or discussions based on personal issues – even if you ‘win’, you’ll have severely damaged your relationship with the customer.  Keep track of the objections that you receive and answer. You can use the information to help you identify other ‘hidden’ objections, but it can also be a way to show your customer that you are working with them to move towards an agreement.  Avoid the ‘early close’ even if you get the feeling that the customer might be moving towards an agreement.

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