BattleTech - Battletech Master Rules by Bryan Nystul

By Bryan Nystul

The way forward for battle is right here! Welcome to the thirty first century, a time of unending wars that rage around the recognized universe, those epic conflicts are gained and misplaced y BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall, humanoin titans of steel bristling with high-intensity lasers, rapid-fire autocannon and dozens of different deadly guns; adequate firepower to point complete urban blocks. Your elite strength of MechWarriors drives those juggernauts into conflict, blasting at your opponent's 'Mechs in a dangerous online game of unwell or be killed. Will they turn into fast legends, or orgotten casualties? purely your ability and good fortune will make sure their destiny. Drawing on years of expertise, this booklet combines the simplest of the BattleTech board video game right into a a unfied entire. BattleTech grasp ideas is completely restructured advert streamlined: it's the related video game, yet like you've gotten by no means obvious it ahead of.

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Vegazi doesn’t take part in many discussions or roleplaying encounters. Her long history of living alone in the wild means she isn’t really one for talking, and she prefers to speak through actions rather than words. Of course, during certain encounters—such as those with her half-sisters or brothers—Vegazi may take a more active role, provided that she doesn’t steal attention or focus from the PCs. CHAPTER 1: HELL’S QUARRY CHAPTER 2: THE BORDER STANDINGS CHAPTER 3: SACRIFICE APPENDIX 1: ARWYLL STEAD APPENDIX 2: MONSTERS APPENDIX 3: MAGIC ITEMS Two messy bedrolls adorn this cramped stone cavern.

Story Award: If the PCs capture Yvogga and question her, award them 1,200 XP and increase their Relationship Scores with Vegazi by 2. F5. CAVE FISHER LAIR (CR 4) A pair of ten-foot-tall ledges flanks this passageway. Bones and thick ropes of pale gray filament litter the floor. Creatures: Two cave fishers lurk on opposite sides of this chamber, each perched atop one of the 10-foot-tall escarpments flanking the passage between. The cave fishers aren’t very stealthy; PCs who succeed at a DC 11 Perception check spot the creatures before they attack.

These brainwashed and corrupted individuals are the “devils” referred to in the severed head’s threatening message. The phiam’s task as given by Shayle is not to capture Vegazi outright, but to covertly push the half-orc into the waiting hands of Kelseph by convincing the ranger that her presence is a bane to the townspeople of Arwyll Stead. The PCs will have ample opportunity to encounter and confront the phiam as it assails the town. For details on the PCs’ encounters with the curse devil, see Hunting the Curse Devil on the facing page.

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