Beating the Caro-Kann (Batsford Chess Library) by Vassilios Kotronias

By Vassilios Kotronias

Taking part in Black opposed to Vassilios Kotronias is each Caro-Kann player's worst nightmare. during this e-book Kotronias, the 1st Greek grandmaster, explains the workings of his most well-liked procedure opposed to the Caro-Kann. His answer is the improvement version which has been a favorite of avid gamers equivalent to Tal, Van der Wiel, Timman, Nunn, Anand and brief in addition to Kotronias.

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C8 In Ernman-Speelrraan, Rqkfavik 193, Black experkientd wikh 4 ,.. , achieving an a d l e n t position after S Ae3 & 7 b Q g e 2 e67&3&7 ... axfs 9 &I3 &e3 10 fxe3 6; although this is given 9 ad3 Qb6 as quai by %rawan, I Miwe 10 a4 h4 h t White has already ruined 11 age2 QfS?! *a&-3. nuation: If @g4 I2 0-0-0 12 as 4&4 @f%O 43 Dfl h5 14 @h4?! Not 12 ... Qxd3? 13 a d 3 $97 ... 14 e6 and White is M winning. 13 axe4 dxc4 14 0-0 ah6 I S ga4 fie6 16 Oxhfr?! Superior is 16 Ed!. - 17 4 3 4 y @dS 28 @x& ex& 29 c3 gag and BI& has achievecf same counterplay.

Remkably enough, Editor's note: instead of 9 ... '*wan's m n t b k an t)re 6 in this Iine, 9 @f5 was Q m Advance daes not even trjd in the g m e brg-K -tion this move at this f3crg, Esp2rgade XW: 10 get ~ I moment; C our Main @ c 8 1 1 ~ F x e G E & l 4 I3 ~ ,b and athers are mentioned @f3! g. @M,SQd3. + ... , me2 44 Whib )xas enter& a zugzwang situation, l'heproof: 8 @& %d4?!. 7 &34 7 ... Capbianca is tightening the noase move by move. No doubt, Nimzowitsch must have felt extremely mmmfartable during the final phase of the game.

Qg4 6QbS@&7&3&8Qe3&9 bxd 10 a3 Qxf3 Lt & k f 3 I2 0-0B e 3 I3 @xd 4 3 7 I 4 b4@7 fS&4 d 16 &S G O 17 &3 axb4 18 axb4 Q£5 19 ax& WW20lZ=8Bd2Z@ w. 22 @xal @xb4 ' Geune 2f Shabdov - K. Qh68&3&49@3&e3 Qx&* m8 20 b4 ... ) 7 I fb Pf 23 w* &3f8 24 &kc6 hS with a sfjght advantage far Blwk twentually 18 ... 9 &XIS&eS 20 m n v 4 to a win after an&eS &I6 6n @e2 b e 5 22 w e 5 other 24 moves).

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