Biofertilizer Manual by Dr. Pham Van Toan

By Dr. Pham Van Toan

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Then hear at 230 ºC for 1 hr. Fig. 12: Kjeldahl digestion of plant samples with low concentration of nitrate (left) and high concentration of nitrate (right) ammonia or other N contaminant from the outside air and dust. Test tubes are set in an aluminum block and plant materials are digested at 180℃ for 10 min. Then the test tubes are taken out from the block and they 20 are kept at room temperature for 5 min for cooling. 3 mL of 30 % H2O2 are added to the test tubes. Vigorous agitation should be avoided due to insufficient cooling.

Cool in ice-water before use. 9) Measure the absorbance at 520 nm by spectrometry. 7mg of allantoin in 250 mL of water. Amino-N -Amino-N concentration is determined by the ninhydrin method (Herridge 1984). 1) 50 L of xylem sap is taken into a test tube. 5 mL of citrate buffer into the tube. 3 g of NaOH in 1 L of water. 2 mL of ninhydrin solution. 2 mL of water. Then solution is mixed with methoxyethanol (methylcellosolve) up to total of 100mL. 4) Boil the test tube in boiling water bath for 20 min with aluminum foil lid.

1990 Nitrogen fixation by legumes in tropical and subtropical agriculture, Advances in Agronomy, 44, 155-553 12. , 1998Determination of leghemoglobin components and xylem sap composition by capillary electrophoresis in hypernodulation soybean mutants cultivated in the field. Soil Sci. , 44 635-645 13. , 2001 Comparison of the growth andnitrogen fixation activity of the hypernodulation soybean mutant NOD1-3 and its parent cv. Williams in field cultivation, Bull. Facul. Agric. , 53 123-132 14. , Ohyama, T.

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