Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis ; Central Asia and by N. Hanif

By N. Hanif

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These threats were conveyed \0 the Sufis and made a p:linful impression. pvrlghted malenal Abrl Sa'id, ibn abi 'I Khayr (96 7- /O49) "Hasan! take the Sufis'prayer'rugs to the chancel (maqsuru) aft er Qadi Sa'id (who was the official preacher). " Accordingly. I carried twenty prayer-rugs into the chancel and laid them in two rows; there was no room for any more. Qadi Sa'id mounted the pulpit and delivered a hostile address; then he came down and performed the service of prayer. As soon as he pronounced the final salutation (salam), the Shaikh rose and departed, without waiting for the customary devotions (sllnna).

D. 939) I Abu Nasr al·Sarraj ofTus (ob. A,D. 988) I Abu ' I·Fadl Hasan ofSarakhs Abu S~'id ibn Abi 'I-K hayr The appearance of Mohammed and his son-in-law at the head of a list of this kind fits in with the fiction-whi ch was necessary for the existe nce of Sufism wi thin Islam-that the Sufis are the legitimate heirs and true interpreters of the esoteric teaching of the Prophet. Hasan of Basra, Habib ' Ajami, and Dawud Ta'i were ascetics and quietists rather than mystics. Even if we take the ninth century as a starting point, it must not be supposed that any fi)(ed body of doctrine was handed down.

On arriving 3t S;arakhs he tumc

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