Blue Rose: RPG by Jeremy Crawford, Steve Kenson, Jack Norris, Chris Pramas,

By Jeremy Crawford, Steve Kenson, Jack Norris, Chris Pramas, Stephanie Law

Aldis, the dominion of the Blue Rase, shines as a brand new gentle following the darkish age of the Sorcerer Kings. Now, envoys of the Sovereign's best attempt to guard Aldis from threats just like the Lich country of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, in addition to monsters and darkish magic left over from the Shadow Wars of the Sorcerer Kings. Aided by way of the rhydan - their psychic animal partners - the champions of the Blue Rose protect the sunshine opposed to the facility of the Shadow. Blue Rose, the Roleplaying video game of Romantic fable, lets you event within the marvelous global of Aldea. in keeping with the world's most well liked roleplaying procedure, Blue Rose provides every little thing you must play. In it, you can find: A streamlined video game approach, requiring just a unmarried twenty-sided die to reslove any motion you heroes might take. quickly and dramatic motion answer, with structures for every thing from battling to social repartee. whole and versatile ideas for hero construction, with concepts to play rhydan (intelligent psychic animals) in addition to people, sea-folk, the evening humans, or the magical vata. a whole approach of arcane and psychic powers, from empathy to the darkest depths of sorcery. A approach for outlining your hero's mild and shadow natures, and utilizing the energy of your hero's conviction to persuade the circulate of the sport. Narrator suggestion, and the introductory event THE CURSE OF concord, every thing you want to commence telling your individual tales within the magical international of Blue Rose. The observe has long gone out, the land of Aldis wishes heroes! Will you resolution the decision? sign up for the sovereign's best and the Knights of the Blue Rose in safeguarding the dominion and its humans. Swear your allegiance to the sunshine and to the rightful Sovereign... For Aldis, and the Queen!

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Other teams visit the court for reviews, additional training, briefings before special missions, and official inquests. Most teams visit the court no more than once a year. Ordinary assignments and briefings are handled via psychic communication with the director’s staff. This type of remote direction works because each team of envoys is largely self-directed. Most only receive detailed instructions when there is some form of emergency, such as being sent to aid another team in trouble or to confront some great Shadow threat.

In return for their dedication, they are given a modest reduction in their taxes and the knowledge they are ready to help protect the kingdom in times of need. Using the psychic arts, the army can call up the majority of the reserves in less than two weeks. The priests of Jarzon and the Lich King of Kern scorn these reserves as half-trained farmersoldiers, but when led by officers, they are a formidable fighting force. The crown pays envoys well. They receive their monthly wages from the director, or the nearest regional noble, if their current mission has taken them afield.

Arcane masters learned long ago that trying to fight the forces of Shadow with their own weapons is a fool’s errand. More dangerous than the overt forms of sorcery are the subtle ways it creeps into the other arcana. The use of the arcane arts to alter or influence others against their will is also sorcery, and many arcana can be used in this way. Adepts are tempted to misuse their gi�s, to try to exert control over the world the way Anwaren did, and they pay the same price in corruption and madness.

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