Bodily Sensations by D.M. Armstrong

By D.M. Armstrong

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83 I i! ,I I I II II JI II II INTRANSITIVE SENSATIONS AS UNLOCATED ITEMS But suppose this does not happen. Suppose that the felt location remains indeterminate, but pain is produced only when the probe is at a certain spot. We might still say that the probing had fixed the exact place of the pain. Yet here 'the exact place of the pain' seems to be nothing more than the place of the bodily cause of pain. Notice, however, that even in such a case we would accept the result given by probing as the place of the pain only if this place falls inside the area where the pain originally felt to be.

If we can translate 'I have a feeling of heat in my hand' as 'I have a feeling of heat in the hand-part of my body-image'; and if we can translate the second statement as 'I have a feeling as of physical heat in the hand of my physical body', why cannot we do the same for the intransitive bodily sensations? Let us translate 'I have a pain in my hand' as 'I have a pain in the hand-part of my body-image'; but then trauslate this second statement as 'I have a .. feeling as of pain in my physical body'.

G 89 ATTITUDES IN INTRANSITIVE SENSATIONS CHAPTER THIRTEEN ATTITUDES INVOLVED IN THE' HAVING OF INTRANSITIVE SENSATIONS B E F OR E making yet another attempt to explain the nature of the intransitive bodily sensations, let us look at a feature of such sensations that we have hitherto ignored. It is part of what is involved in the having of most, if not all, intransitive bodily sensations that we take up certain attitudes to them, in particular, that we are sorry or glad to have them. Let us therefore run through some of the chief sorts of • intransitive sensation, in order to see exactly what attitudes are involved.

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