Botvinnik: One Hundred Selected Games by Mikhail Botvinnik, Stephen Garry

By Mikhail Botvinnik, Stephen Garry

Botvinnik's video games would possibly not convey the readability of Capablanca / Fischer or the virtuosity of Tal yet his considering, during this booklet, is particularly instructive. Botvinnik's annotations reveal the way to examine positions and the way to discover a transparent strategic thread in chess video games - in doing so Botvinnik indicates how hidden assets are available in doubtless doubtful positions e.g. Botvinnik's striking win, regardless of units of doubled pawns, opposed to Levenfish.
The annotations of Botvinnik are amazing of their definitiveness - which contrasts, for instance, with the extra 'balanced' annotative variety of Keres - that a few may possibly locate dogmatic yet which i discovered helpfully conclusive.

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2 points) (2) 15 g4? Qe7? (2 points) You have scored ____ out of 5 points. Kxf7 17 Nxg4, since 17 ... (2 points) (2) 17 Nxe5? Qxg4 18 Bxf7+!.

1 point) You have scored ____ out of 11 points. Re8 12 Rh2? hxg5, hxg5 Black wouldn’t be able to move the f6-knight without allowing mate with Qh7#, so White would regain the piece with gxf6, and gain an open h-file for his attack - not a good deal for Black. 12 Bd2) or by 12 Bxf6. (2 points) (2) 15 g4? Qe7? (2 points) You have scored ____ out of 5 points. Kxf7 17 Nxg4, since 17 ... (2 points) (2) 17 Nxe5? Qxg4 18 Bxf7+!.

3 points) Position after 10 Nh4 (analysis) The queen can go to f3, to intensify the pressure on the pinned knight; or to h5 after an exchange on f6. , threatening to take the f6-knight. If 11 ... Bg4, then 12 Bxf6! Nb8 11 d4? , trapping the rook and winning the exchange. Qe7? Black’s problems stem from this move, which allows Nd5 with a crucial gain of time. Na5 (1 point), even though White keeps the advantage and attacking chances after 10 b4 Nxc4 11 bxc5 Na5. Nb8? (1 point) You have scored ____ out of 15 points.

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