Building Acoustics by Tor Erik Vigran

By Tor Erik Vigran

Building or architectural acoustics is taken during this e-book to hide all facets of sound and vibration in structures. The ebook covers room acoustics however the major emphasis is on sound insulation and sound absorption and the elemental facets of noise and vibration difficulties hooked up to provider gear and exterior resources. Measuring ideas attached to those fields also are introduced in. it's designed for complex point engineering reports and is usually worthwhile as a consultant for practitioners and acoustic experts who have to fulfil the calls for of creating laws.

It supplies emphasis to the acoustical functionality of structures as derived from the functionality of the weather comprising numerous constructions. for this reason, the actual elements of sound transmission and absorption have to be understood, and the main target is at the layout of components and buildings to supply excessive sound insulation and excessive soaking up strength. Examples are taken from all kinds of structures. The publication goals at giving an figuring out of the actual rules concerned and 3 chapters are accordingly dedicated to vibration phenomena and sound waves in fluids and strong media. Subjective elements hooked up to sound and sound notion is satisfactorily coated by means of different books; although, the bankruptcy on room acoustics comprises descriptions of measures that quantify the "acoustic caliber" of rooms for speech and music.

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A The coefficients A and B, or alternatively C and θ, must be determined from the initial conditions. 2, we used this transient motion for illustrating the calculation of the Fourier transform. ζ =1 indicates that the system is critically damped. The movement is no longer oscillatory, the system is returning to its stable position in a minimum time. g. ) The solution is now x (t ) = ( A + B ⋅ t ) ⋅ e −ξω0t . 16) Excitation and response 41 ζ > 1 shows that the system is more than critically damped giving a solution x (t ) = e −ξω0t ⎡⎢ A eω0 ⎣ ζ 2 −1 t + B e −ω0 ζ 2 −1 t ⎤ ⎥⎦ .

25 Hz and so on. This kind of analysis, called base band analysis, gives lines from 0 Hz to fmax. More often, one is interested in zooming in on a smaller frequency interval, which means that one would like to have all frequency lines fn inside an interval given by f1 < fn < f2. Most instruments have this option but imply that one must repeat the measurement. More details concerning this technique may be found in the rather extensive literature on the subject. 2 The analysis is performed using a Hanning window, which gives good accuracy as for the frequency of the pure tone but less accuracy when it comes to amplitude.

Before taking up that theme we shall introduce an 14 Building acoustics important function used to characterize stochastic functions in the frequency domain, the power spectral density function, or in short, the power spectrum. 16). 19) where G(f) is the power spectral density function mentioned above and defined by the Fourier transform 2⎤ ⎡2 G ( f ) = lim ⎢ X T ( f ) ⎥ . 19). Here one may see that G(f) is the contribution per Hz to the mean square value, a quantity generally proportional to the power, hence the term power spectrum or more correctly power spectral density.

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