An Introduction to Zoo Biology and Management, First Edition by Paul A. Rees(auth.)

By Paul A. Rees(auth.)

This publication is meant as an introductory textual content for college kids learning a variety of classes serious about animal administration, zoo biology and flora and fauna conservation, and may even be worthy to zookeepers and different zoo pros. it truly is divided into 3 elements. half 1 considers the functionality of zoos, their background, how zoos are controlled, ethics, zoo laws and natural world conservation legislations. half 2 discusses the layout of zoos and zoo shows, animal nutrients, replica, animal behaviour (including enrichment and training), animal welfare, veterinary care, animal dealing with and transportation. ultimately, half three discusses captive breeding programmes, genetics, inhabitants biology, checklist maintaining, and the tutorial function of zoos, together with a attention of customer behaviour. It concludes with a dialogue of the position of zoos within the conservation of species within the wild and in species reintroductions. This e-book takes a global viewpoint and incorporates a wide selection of examples of the operation of zoos and breeding programmes relatively within the united kingdom, Europe, North the USA and Australasia.

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Chapter 1 the aim and recognition of zoos (pages 3–16):
Chapter 2 Conservation (pages 17–29):
Chapter three a quick background of zoos (pages 31–47):
Chapter four Zoo service provider and administration (pages 49–64):
Chapter five Zoo laws (pages 65–85):
Chapter 6 Ethics and zoos (pages 87–98):
Chapter 7 Zoo and convey layout (pages 101–149):
Chapter eight food and feeding (pages 151–172):
Chapter nine Reproductive biology (pages 173–185):
Chapter 10 Zoo animal behaviour, enrichment and coaching (pages 187–221):
Chapter eleven Animal welfare and veterinary care (pages 223–244):
Chapter 12 assortment making plans and captive breeding (pages 247–299):
Chapter thirteen list preserving (pages 301–311):
Chapter 14 schooling, examine and zoo customer behaviour (pages 313–342):
Chapter 15 In?situ conservation and reintroductions (pages 343–358):

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Modern zoos have evolved into sophisticated scientific organisations and many have a long history. The following account is intended as a very brief introduction to the history of zoos from their earliest beginnings in ancient times. More detailed accounts of the history of zoos can be found in Hoage and Deiss (1996) and Bostock (1993). 2 A BRIEF HISTORY OF ZOOS Loisel (1912) divided the history of the development of menageries and zoos into five periods (Fig. 1). The earliest evidence of animal keeping appears to be the illustrations lining the tomb of the wealthy Egyptian nobleman Ti in Saggara (5th Dynasty, 2495–2345 BC).

2 Louis XIV’s menagerie at Versailles. 1 Georges Cuvier (1769–1832) Cuvier was a French zoologist and naturalist. He was largely responsible for founding vertebrate palaeontology and comparative anatomy as scientific disciplines and demonstrated that past life forms had become extinct. In 1795 Cuvier moved to Paris and shortly thereafter he was appointed as Professor of Comparative Anatomy at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History). In 1803 he became warden of the menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes, which at that time included a monkey and bird house, bear pits and a rotunda for herbivores including elephants and giraffes.

Scientists often abbreviate the scientific names of organisms by using only the initial letter of the genus once it has been written out in full, for example P. leo. Some authorities recognise subspecies and where these occur a third name is added, making it trinomial. , 2004): ● Panthera tigris tigris P. t. corbetti P. t. amoyensis P. t. altaica Bengal tiger Northern Indochinese tiger South China tiger (possibly extinct) Amur (Siberian) tiger P. t. sumatrae P. t. jacksoni 25 Sumatran tiger Malayan tiger.

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