Byzantine Authors: Literary Activities and Preoccupations: by John W Nesbitt

By John W Nesbitt

In honouring the reminiscence of Nicolas Oikonomides the participants supply a bunch of Greek texts and translations which mirror the huge pursuits of Byzantine authors and the numerous genres to which they dedicated their abilities. inside its pages one reveals an ekphrasis of Christopher of Mitylene, army speeches of Constantine VII, letters of Michael Psellos, an historic narrative concerning Empress Helena and the discovering of the pass, instructing texts, and a long handbook, followed via a reprint of the unique Brill Greek textual content, on withstanding a siege.

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Borgehammar has observed that two unusual words are to be found in Alexander’s text: a) glvssÒkomon (the silver casket in which Helena has the cross encased); and b) salibãrion (the bridle fashioned from the nails of the cross). 36 Like Sozomen, Alexander rejected the Judas Cyriacus tradition. It is not difficult to understand why: one of his objectives is to give full and sole credit for the discovery of the cross to Constantine and his mother. We see this in the way Alexander has crafted his narration.

Am texnhtvn T || 20. énatrap∞nai] katå straf∞nai BN1 anatrapinai T énaskaf∞nai V || 20-21. tÚ musarÚn-éporrif∞nai] tÚn t∞w da¤monow naÚn Gr | musarÚn] mussarÚn V | ofikodÒmhma] ”kodÒmhma BN1 || 21. pou] poË BMBN1 | éporrif∞nai] épÚ rifÆnai BN1 ka‹ add. BBuBN3Gr | d¢] om. AmGr | genom°nou] genam°nou TGH | ye›on] ye›oon BN3 || 22. oÈ] mØ BuGr | mÆkoyen] mÆkon M || 23. kexvsm°noi] kexosm°noi M kaixvsmenoi T §xvsm°noi GH | ÉEpimel«w] §pimelow T §p‹ mel«w BN1 | §reunÆsantew] diereunÆsantew GH | eron] hron BMT | ¥louw] ilouw T || 24.

This Elias does not appear to be running away from some Jezabel and he dines more bountifully than the widow with her oil and barley meal. In fact, he does not seem to be imitating the prophet at all. Moreover, his understanding and practice of the monastic virtues, especially chastity, greatly amuse Psellos and, presumably, those to whom he addressed these letters. It has been pointed out that the prime characteristic of Elias is earthiness and 4 Gautier (1980-82). Psellos also wrote to a protonotary named Elias, but there is no connection with our Elias: Karpozilos (1980).

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