C++ Programming Fundamentals by Chuck Easttom

By Chuck Easttom

This article teaches rookies the fundamentals of C++ programming with no assuming earlier adventure in the other language. It incorporates a number of examples corresponding to video game programming, grade monitoring and ordinary calculation to make studying C++ enjoyable and worthy.

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A character array is simply a string of characters that makes up one or more words. It is common to place such input into arrays of characters. Let’s look at two examples. 4 Step 1: Enter the following code into your favorite text editor. #include using namespace std; int main() { char name[25]; cout << "Please enter your name \n"; cin >> name; cout << "Hello " << name << endl; return 0; } Step 2: Compile and run the program. 3. 3: Character arrays. This code is a rather straightforward and practical illustration of how to use arrays, specifically arrays of characters.

This represents 4 weeks, at 7 days per week, and the temperatures recorded on each day. This single, two-dimensional array can store the temperatures measured for 28 consecutive days. cpp. week 1 day 1"; week 1 day 2"; week 1 day 3"; week 1 day 4"; week 1 day 5"; week 1 day 6"; week 1 day 7"; week 2 day 1"; week 2 day 2"; Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations 31 32 Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations cin >> monthlytemps[1][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][6]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][0]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][6]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][0]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][6]; return 0; }// end of main week 2 day 3"; week 2 day 4"; week 2 day 5"; week 2 day 6"; week 2 day 7"; week 3 day 1"; week 3 day 2"; week 3 day 3"; week 3 day 4"; week 3 day 5"; week 3 day 6"; week 3 day 7"; week 4 day 1"; week 4 day 2"; week 4 day 3"; week 4 day 4"; week 4 day 5"; week 4 day 6"; week 4 day 7"; Step 2: Compile and run the program.

This is because you passed the address of that variable to the function. The parameter name was just an alias for the variable. Whatever you did inside the function was actually happening to the variable. Built-in Functions In addition to the various functions you can create, C++ includes some useful functions you can use. Actually the term built-in is not exactly accurate, but it is close enough. These are functions that can be included in your program and then use. In fact, there are quite a few such functions.

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