Case, Referentiality and Phrase Structure by Balkiz Öztürk

By Balkiz Öztürk

This ebook proposes that the 2 “independent” stipulations on argumenthood, particularly, case and referentiality, are strongly correlated and feature to be linked to one another in syntax as syntactic positive aspects. It exhibits that languages convey version within the manner this organization is applied of their syntax, which offers a proof for the variations saw of their word constitution by way of (non-)configurationality. therefore, this booklet not just provides an leading edge overarching concept for case and referentiality, but in addition goals to deliver a brand new examine the problems of (non-)configurationality. It in particular argues for parameterization of practical different types linked to case and referentiality, which has yes implications not just for the purchase but additionally for the diachronic improvement of useful different types. offering wealthy comparative facts from typologically diverse languages similar to Turkish, chinese language, Hungarian, English and eastern, this e-book is of specific curiosity to typologists in addition.

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Ali book quickly read d. Ali h zl h zl kitap okudu. ” 36 CASE, REFERENTIALITY AND PHRASE STRUCTURE Fourth, bare nouns cannot be postposed to the right of the verb, as seen in (47a). However, it is possible for case-marked nouns, as in (47b): (47) a. *Ali okudu kitap. Ali read book b. Ali okudu kitab- . ” Fifth, non-derived modifiers, which normally occur immediately preverbally (Taylan 1984), as seen in the contrast between (48a) and (48b), have to precede the bare noun. This implies that the verb and the noun form a unit and therefore, explains the difference in grammaticality between (48c) and (48d): (48) a.

This implies that there must be an overt functional element blocking the application of covert typeshifters in Turkish. This raises the question of whether case can be the morphological type-shifter in a determinerless language like Turkish. In other words, can case-assignment also be responsible for referentiality assignment in a language without determiners? e. case and referentiality assignment, such a line of thought is not totally unacceptable. In the following, we will argue for the type-shifter nature of case by focusing on the syntactic and semantic differences between case-marked and non-casemarked bare nouns in Turkish.

67) *I went to berry-picking to jam with. (Massam 2001:169) Massam (2001) argues that pseudo-incorporated nouns in Niuean are also of the modifying type. They fail to establish external discourse referentiality. She concludes that psuedo-incorporated nouns are non-referential and that they ensure an unbounded or non-delimited reading of the event (Tenny 1994), providing a habitual or frequentative interpretation. 4 Immediately Preverbal Bare Nouns as Pseudo-Incorporated NPs. 2 a Bakerian head incorporation analysis is not compatible with the Turkish data, as immediately preverbal bare nouns are not head categories but are phrasal.

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