Catastrophe in the Opening (Pergamon Chess Series) by Iakov Neishtadt, Kenneth P. Neat

By Iakov Neishtadt, Kenneth P. Neat

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For a while now, i've got felt that the time is correct to jot down a e-book approximately desktop Chess. Ever because the first makes an attempt at chess seasoned­ gramming have been made, a few twenty 5 years in the past, curiosity within the topic ha"s grown from 12 months to 12 months. throughout the past due Nineteen Fifties the topic used to be first delivered to the eye of the general public through an editorial in Scient(fic American, and not more than a decade later a chess software used to be competing in a event with people.

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C7 hi1i1# is too fast! I. a3� hs! 2. a4 h4 3· as h3 4· a6 h2 s. a7 hiV=1+ is too slow! I. h6 [I . . tq 2. tb7 ! = ; 1. h s 2 . ) 2.. a3! hs [2. . tb7! fxas 6. ) 3· � h4 4· as h3 S· a6 h2 6. a7 = • • • • • • 0 E2-14 Smyslov - Lilienthal, Moscow 1938 I. Wa7 � Correct was 1. 1ds ! 1"l. xb3 (if 1. 1 x b3, then 2. ds! +- and d6 ; 1. e6 wasn't better because of 2. f4 +- with the threat of ds) 2. tg8 3· e6 and White wins. I Wxb3 � Instead, I . . 1 x d4 � 2 . e6 + - was also poor ; but 1. 1"l. xb3 would have led to equality (2.

The other m ethod of keeping the to the fact that t h e b i s h o p d oes n o t con­ king fro m the corner is less effective here. trol the h-pawn's promotion sq ua re. Th is Af ter 1 . Ah7? there fol lows 1 . . >f7 2. >f2 is the well-known 'wrong-coloured bishop'. >f6, a n d a typ i ca l d rawi ng m echa n is m is (This only works with a rook's pawn . gs, a n d after the all other cases White wins with the help of bishop retreats the king reaches the corner: zugzwang. g8 I n th is l i ne, king to l eave the corner.

As @x b3 106. >

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