Cell Surface Glycolipids by Charles C. Sweeley (Eds.)

By Charles C. Sweeley (Eds.)

content material: Preparative and analytical excessive functionality liquid chromatography of glycolipids / R.H. McCluer and M.D. Ullman --
excessive functionality liquid chromatography of membrane glycolipids : overview of cerebrosides at the floor of myelin / Shoji Yahara, Yasuo Kishimoto, and Joseph Poduslo --
research of glycosphingolipids via box desorption mass spectrometry / C.E. Costello, B.W. Wilson, okay. Biemann, and V.N. Reinhold --
excessive answer proton NMR spectra of blood-group energetic glycosphingolipids in DMSO-d6 / J. Dabrowski, H. Egge, P. Hanfland, and S. Kuhn --
Glycophosphoceramides from crops / Roger A. Laine, Thomas C.-Y. Hsieh, and Robert L. Lester --
Glycolipids of rat small gut with detailed connection with epithelial cells relating to differentiation / M.E. Breimer, G.C. Hansson, K.-A. Karlsson, and H. Leffler --
Galactoglycerolipids of mammalian testis, spermatozoa, and anxious tissue / Robert ok. Murray, Rajagopolian Narasimhan, Mark Levine, Les Pinteric, Margaret Shirley, Clifford Lingwood, and Harry Schacter --
Structural experiences of impartial glycosphingolipids of human neutrophils through electron impact/desorption mass spectrometry / Bruce A. Macher and John C. Klock --
Glycosphingolipids of skeletal muscle / Jaw-Long Chien and Edward L. Hogan --
Glycosphingolipids and glyceroglucolipids of glandular epithelial tissue / Bronislaw L. Slomiany and Amalia Slomiany --
Fucolipids and gangliosides of human colonic telephone strains / Bader Siddiqui and Y.S. Kim --
Biosynthesis of blood-group comparable glycosphingolipids in T- and B-lymphomas and neuroblastoma cells / Manju Basu, Subhash Basu, and Michael Potter --
Altered glycolipids of CHO cells immune to wheat germ agglutinin / Pamela Stanley --
Induction of ganglioside biosynthesis in cultured cells by means of butyric acid / Peter H. Fishman and Richard C. Henneberry --
rules of glycoconjugate metabolism in basic and reworked cells / Joseph R. Moskal, Michael W. Lockney, Christopher C. wonder, Peggy A. Mason, Charles C. Sweeley, Stephen T. Warren, and James E. Trosko --
adjustments in mobilephone floor glycosphingolipids and their metabolism in familial hypercholesterolemic fibroblasts / S. Chatterjee, P.O. Kwiterovich, and C.S. Sekerke --
Biochemical, morphological, and regulatory features of myelination in cultures of dissociated mind cells from embryonic mice / Ronald A. Pieringer, Graham Lem. Campbell, Narayan R. Bhat, G. Subba Rao, and Louis L. Sarlieve --
Gangliosides and linked enzymes on the nerve-ending membranes / G. Tettamanti, A. Preti, B. Cestaro, M. Masserini, S. Sonnino, and R. Ghidoni --
Specificity and membrane homes of younger rat mind sialyltransferases / Sai-Sun Ng and Joel A. Dain --
Modulation of ganglioside synthesis via enkephalins, opiates, and prostaglandins : function of cyclic AMP in glycosylation / Glyn Dawson, Ronald W. McLawhon, Gwendolyn Schoon, and R.J. Miller --
Gangliosides as receptors for cholera toxin, tetanus toxin, and sendai virus / Lars Svennerholm, P. Fredman, H. Elwing, J. Holmgren, and Ö. Strannegård --
Interferon-carbohydrate interplay / Helmut Ankel, Françoise Besancon, and Chita Krishnamurti --
Perturbation of habit and different CNS services by way of antibodies to ganglioside / Maurice M. Rapport, Stephen E. Karpiak, and Sahebarao P. Mahadik --
Immunological houses of gangliosides / A.J. Yates, C.L. Hitchcock, S.S. Stewart, and R.L. Whisler --
Ganglioside composition of rabbit thymus : molecular specificities in comparison with these of varied organs / Yoshitaka Nagai and Masao Iwamori --
The immunology and immunochemistry of Thy-1 energetic glycolipids / W.J. Esselman, H.C. Miller, T.J. Wang, K.P. Kato, and W.G. Chaney --
Immune reactivities of antibodies opposed to glycolipids : common antibodies / Roberta L. Richards and Carl R. Alving.

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Hakomori, personal communication). In t h i s s t u d y , they t r e a t e d e r y t h r o c y t e s w i t h galactose o x i d a s e , reduced i t by NaBDi* t r e a t ment, and measured the r a t i o of the deuterated l i p i d a g a i n s t undeuterated l i p i d w i t h mass spectrometry. They found somewhat more o x i d a t i o n ; 2-3% o f 1actosyl ceramide, and approximately 10% of globoside were l a b e l e d w i t h deuterium. T h e r e f o r e , i t i s l i k e l y t h a t the longer the saccharide chain to which galactose or galactosamine i s a t t a c h e d , the higher the r a t e of o x i d a t i o n t h a t can be achieved by galactose o x i d a s e .

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