Center Counter Defense: The Portuguese Variation by Selby Anderson

By Selby Anderson

The Portuguese version (after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4) ranks as Black's so much combative process within the heart Counter protection, heavily allied to the Icelandic gambit (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 e6, additionally coated here!). within the Portuguese, Black bargains a pawn for quick improvement and the opportunity to use vulnerable squares within the enemy camp. The ensuing play is sharp and trappy, with lots of "coffeehouse" style for these wishing to combine it up as Black. An additional gain is the novelty of the road, which got here into prominence basically in the early Nineteen Nineties. as a result many gamers of White can nonetheless be stuck unaware, falling sufferer to an early knockout. No mere shock weapon, in spite of the fact that, the Portuguese has been demonstrated within the hearth of global type match chess. facts of the line's energy is it is adoption by means of competitive Grandmasters resembling Spraggett, Hodgson, Shirov and Hebden. This ebook is the 1st dedicated solely to the Portuguese version. In a study journey de strength, NM Selby Anderson has assembled all appropriate video games and articles, then fed it to most sensible chess engines like Fritz4 and Chess laptop. accordingly, the excessive percent of unique research chanced on the following stands in stark distinction to the common starting monograph. gamers of any point will get pleasure from the author's gentle and witty technique the entire whereas dishing out deadly doses of tactical pollution. Pity the terrible participant who stumbles into the Portuguese with out this e-book!

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We can return to the outer ring at 9 and everything is fine, dipping inside again at 17, and then once more at square 26. At this stage it is best to take stock of the situation. Rather astonishingly, however, of the four available moves from square 26, three of these choices lead easily to a complete tour. 15 A 6 × 6 tour. 16. 16 An 8 × 8 tour. 3 Note that you must follow M with D, otherwise if you follow instead with L you will never be able to return to D. By being careful to never inadvertently isolate a vertex in this way, it is relatively easy to conclude that there are only two ways to complete this cycle, namely, BCPNMDFKLTSRQZXWVJHGB and BCPNMDFGHXWVJKLTSRQZB.

Nonetheless, the excitement in the theater was palpable as Ricky, being blindfolded, called out the next move to his assistant, a young volunteer Ricky had selected from the audience. This volunteer then turned on a very bright light in the center of the square that was to be the next square visited along the knight’s path 25 CHAPTER 2 and this was all taking place on a huge vertical chessboard that was easily visible from the very back of the theater. The tension mounted even higher as the tour neared the end: would the blindfolded Ricky be able to find the empty squares that we could see so easily?

For example, if a board has only one or two rows, there is not enough room for a tour; with one row, a knight can’t even move, and with two rows, a knight can only move in one direction but is then stuck at that far end of the board. By the way, I should mention that, in general, we will usually orient our chessboards horizontally, so that for an m × n chessboard with m rows and n columns, we have m n. What about boards with three rows? 2 in Chapter 1 I mentioned that a 3 × 10 board was the smallest such board for which a knight’s tour is possible.

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