Chess kaleidoscope by Anatolii Karpov, Y. Gik

By Anatolii Karpov, Y. Gik

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Emanuel Lasker used to be the longest-reigning international champion (1894-1921) and remained one of many world's best 10 gamers for almost 4 a long time. He competed opposed to best gamers akin to Capablanca, Rubinstein and Alekhine on the peak in their online game, and used to be continually winning, but nearly nobody reports his video games at the present time.

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For a while now, i've got felt that the time is correct to write down a ebook approximately computing device Chess. Ever because the first makes an attempt at chess professional­ gramming have been made, a few twenty 5 years in the past, curiosity within the topic ha"s grown from 12 months to 12 months. in the course of the overdue Fifties the topic used to be first delivered to the eye of the general public through a piece of writing in Scient(fic American, and no more than a decade later a chess software was once competing in a match with people.

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D3 ± . b5 +­ White first won the a3-pawn and then later the game. Jlxf61 ± This weakens B lack's kingside pawn struc­ ture and purifies the favorable imbal­ ance, which is often good. This is also a good example for rule # I : what re­ mains on the board is more important than what is exchanged. White's dark­ squared bishop might look strong, but B l ack's f6-knight is also useful. So White correctly decided to exchange on f6. 1 This plays into White's hands, as his knight wants to go to c4 anyway.

30 ... �f3 f5 B lack's pawn majority is mobile, while White's is b lockaded. �f3 4)e4 B lack appl ies the wel l-known endgame strategy: do not rush. Jld7 �e7 4 1 . �e3 4)c31? Provoking a weakness. -'tb5 �f6 45 . c6 g5 B lack finally plays his trump. Ac8? • This allows the undermining of White's queenside. Ae8 was more tenacious. 50 ... £. a4 c3 58. �e3 4)e4 0-1 Exercises (E23) Macieja,Bart/omiej (2618) ­ Dominguez,Lenier (2661) Bermuda (7), 06. 2005 B B lack to move. (One point) Solutions begin on page 1 58.

L"k3 2 7 . E! a l E! a8 2 8 . b 5 4Jbd7 a n d B l a c k h a s good draw i ng c h ances because of h i s s t r o n g k n i g h t s . 2 6 ... § a S 2 8 . § c 7 � f 8 29 . §b7?! 2 9 . �g2 4Jed7 3 0 . f4 was more prec i se as the rook is we l l placed o n c 7 . �g2 �e8 3 l . £ld7 32 . §c7 �d8 33 . §c2 a51 B l ack wants to e l i m i ­ n ate h i s weakness, b u t h e w i l l a l ­ w a y s h a v e to guard t h e b - p a w n . �f3 • • . • • 41 4 1 . . h 5 ! 4 2 . g x h 5 ( 4 2 . g 5 �e7) 42 . 4Jc4 tzlxc4 4 5 .

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