Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy: Learn from Kramnik, by Neil McDonald

By Neil McDonald

It's very sturdy booklet, my son informed me so. He accomplished the publication in a single week. i believe he'll learn again and again extra.

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Emanuel Lasker was once the longest-reigning global champion (1894-1921) and remained one of many world's most sensible 10 avid gamers for almost 4 many years. He competed opposed to most sensible gamers corresponding to Capablanca, Rubinstein and Alekhine on the peak in their online game, and was once always winning, but nearly nobody reports his video games at the present time.

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For a while now, i've got felt that the time is correct to put in writing a e-book approximately computing device Chess. Ever because the first makes an attempt at chess seasoned­ gramming have been made, a few twenty 5 years in the past, curiosity within the topic ha"s grown from 12 months to 12 months. through the past due Nineteen Fifties the topic was once first dropped at the eye of the general public by way of a piece of writing in Scient(fic American, and not more than a decade later a chess application used to be competing in a match with people.

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Even if he didn't want to attack he could have played 17 a3 on the previous move. lB ... gl Jid6 ~b1 20 e4?? Having played the opening lamely and allowed his pieces to drift onto passive squares, Samisch now breaks a cardinal rule of strategic chess: Don't 34 In return for the piece, Black has: 1) Two pawns, including a gigantic protected passed pawn on e4 which dominates the centre and shuts out the white bishop on g2. 2) Dominance of the i-file. It's important that the bishop on b5 prevents a challenge of this control by keeping the white rooks out of fl.

Ec8 40 liJxC4 Spassky finally succumbs to temptation. A better try was 40 liJb3 intend51 Chess Secrets: The Giants ing 41 ~c5 to block the c-file, but Black can then invade with 40 .. l:thl is strongly answered by 41.. :k2+! (as given by Gufeld). l:txc2 lilxc2+ 43 'ilVxc2 'ilVxhl 44 'ilVc7 (the only try for counterplay as g3 is doomed) 44 ... 'ilVf3+ 45 ~gl 'ilVxg3+ 46 ~hl 'ilVh3+ 47 ~gl 'ilVxe3+ 48 ~f1 'ilVf3+ 49 ~e1 iVe3+ 50 ~f1 'ilVh3+ 51 'ilVc8 Black is two pawns up and should win easily. 40 ••.

L:le8 was called for. 16 exf3 b5 All looks well with Black, as he has slightly damaged White's pawn structure on the kingside and is now in the process of undermining the c4-pawn: after 17 cxb5 axb5 he already has a passed d-pawn. However, with a couple of judicial exchanges, Kramnik is now able to establish the 'rook on c6, pawn on d5' 41 Chess Secrets: The Giants control of the open file that we saw in the Karpov-Kasparov game above. 17 iLxd71 Kramnik loves the bishop pair, but he is astute enough to know when it should be renounced in favour of a more definite positional edge.

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