Chimaera by Ian Irvine

By Ian Irvine

All resistance has been beaten. In a couple of minutes of overwhelming violence the Council's air-dreadnought fleet has destroyed Fiz Gorgo's defences. Xervish Flydd, Irisis and their allies were condemned to die in a brutal aerial spectacle designed to augment leader Scrutator Ghorr's energy and majesty. Nish is their one closing wish. yet Nish is trapped in a burning watchtower, and hunted by way of either the scrutators and his former lover, Ullii, whose dual brother he unintentionally killed. sooner than Nish can desire to rescue his buddies, he needs to persuade Ullii to spare him, then triumph over the main strong cabal of mancers on this planet in addition to the Council's 400 crack guards. or even if he succeeds, to win the battle the allies nonetheless need to defeat the scrutators and overthrow Nennifer, the corrupt Council's dread bastion, sooner than the rampaging lyrinx crush all Santhenar.

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If the tower stayed up, he might, just possibly, survive up there until the inferno went out. It didn’t seem likely but he had no alternative. Nish eased a smouldering beam out of the rubble, with much burning of fingers and the soles of his feet, and propped it against the wall. He dragged himself up it, caught hold of an iron rod and pulled himself up onto the roof framing. It was worse than uncomfortable, for the rods cut into his flesh wherever he perched, but it was safer than where he’d been.

Nonetheless, she continued up to a landing on the second floor, where she went down on her belly and crawled to the edge. The scent was stronger here. He’d spent some time with the tall mancer she now knew to be Yggur. Ullii looked down into the mist-wreathed yard and made out Yggur easily, as well as the even taller mancer with the frothy hair whose attempt to escape had enabled her to find Fiz Gorgo in the first place. They were bound hand and foot, and tightly gagged to prevent them speaking any spell or word of power.

She would have to do without it. Opening her eyes, she worked out a path upwards and closed them again. Her supersensitive fingers and toes would tell her all she needed to know. Vision would just be a distraction. After much trial and error she found a way around the cracked area and up onto the bend in the tower, here clotted with glassy dribbles of melted rock that had oozed through cracks in the walls and congealed on the outside. Some knobs were too hot to hold, and others would not have borne her weight, but she found a pair rooted deep in the wall that were as solid as a staircase, allowing her to rest for a while.

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