Chrysippus' on Affections: Reconstruction and by Teun Tieleman

By Teun Tieleman

The "On Affections" by way of the Stoic thinker Chrysippus (c.280-205BCE) contained the vintage exposition of the Stoic idea of the feelings. This booklet offers a clean dialogue of the extant facts, i.e. the fragments and tales preserved via later resources. It goals to set up the precise quantity of accessible facts and to rearrange the fragmentary fabric with a purpose to see how a long way the unique treatise could be reconstructed. The fragments are interpreted either of their literary context and within the gentle of Stoic doctrines recognized from different resources. Given its contextual technique, this learn contains large dialogue of the equipment of resources corresponding to Galen, Posidonius and Cicero. additionally, the scientific backdrop to Chrysippus' conception gets substantial realization.

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28. 45 Cf. In Tim. p. 21 ff. S c h r o e d e r . a repeatedly stated proviso 4 6 that is most unwelcome to Galen. For trilocadon based on anatomy o n e has to turn to the Timaeus. But its mythical m o d e of p r e s e n t a t i o n could n o t pass for the r e q u i r e d demonstrative proof either. 4 7 T h e only thing Galen is able to do is to show that Plato, in Republic 4 and Timaeus, spoke of parts and forms. Proof is what he has to provide himself (viz. in bks 1-3 and 6), though h e of course claims it to be based on Platonic methodology, notably the m e t h o d of diaeresis as explained in PHP book 9.

Phys. 13, 14 W. (= Fr. ). , 3161 f. 22 since Diels has b e e n associated with the n a m e of Aëtius in particular. T h u s the division into c h a p t e r s of the relevant section of t h e f o u r t h b o o k of the reconstructed Aëtian Planta runs: IV, 2-3 (substance of the soul); IV, 4 (its parts); IV, 5 (location of regent part); IV, 6 + 8-13 (various functions: sense-perception, imagination, thought, speech). 23 T h e Placita tradition provides f u r t h e r p o i n t s of c o n t a c t with PHP A a n d 5, especially w h e r e t h e a u t h o r i t i e s are c o n c e r n e d (see c h a p t e r 2).

O n t h e m o t i o n s of t h e psychic faculties see Manuli (1988), esp. 207 ff. who stresses early Stoic influence. Cf. , who stresses Posidonian i n f l u e n c e ( t h o u g h also with r e f e r e n c e to such passages as Rep. ). 39 It might be supposed that this passage was written b e f o r e books 1-3, o r at any rate b e f o r e these books were d e s t i n e d to b e c o m e t h e first t h r e e of t h e whole treatise. g. 53, even if allowance is m a d e f o r later a d d i t i o n s etc.

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