Ciba Foundation Symposium - Ionizing Radiations and Cell by Ciba Foundation, G E. W. Wolstenholme, Cecilia M. 1927-

By Ciba Foundation, G E. W. Wolstenholme, Cecilia M. 1927- O'Connor

Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 1–2): A. Haddow
Chapter 2 Cytoplasmic and Nuclear constitution with regards to Metabolic actions (pages 3–24): J. Bracket
Chapter three the results of Ionizing Radiations on Enzymes in vitro (pages 25–37): W. M. Dale
Chapter four The task of Enzymes and Coenzymes in Irradiated Tissues (pages 38–58): Antoinette Pirie
Chapter five results of X?Rays and Radiomimetic brokers on Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins (pages 59–76): J. A. V. Butler
Chapter 6 Oxidative Phosphorylation in a few Radiosensitive Tissues After Irradiation (pages 77–91): D. W. van Bekkum
Chapter 7 the consequences of Extraneous brokers on mobilephone Metabolism (pages 92–105): H. A. Krebs
Chapter eight The impression of Oxygen on Radiation results (pages 106–119): H. Laser
Chapter nine The effect of Chemical Pre? and Post?Treatments on Radiosensitivity of micro organism, and Their value for larger Organisms (pages 120–139): Alexander Hollaender and George E. Stapleton
Chapter 10 Postirradiation therapy of Mice and Rats (pages 140–160): D. W. H. Barnes and J. F. Loutit
Chapter eleven reviews at the Mechanism of Protein Synthesis (pages 161–173): P. C. Zamecnik, Elizabeth B. Keller, M. B. Hoagland, J. W. Littlefield and R. B. Loftfield
Chapter 12 Nucleic Acids and Amino Acid Incorporation (pages 174–184): E. F. Gale
Chapter thirteen Protein Synthesis in Protoplasts (pages 185–195): S. Spiegelman
Chapter 14 impression of Radiation on DNA Metabolism (pages 196–211): Alma Howard
Chapter 15 The impression of Radiation at the Metabolism of Ascites Tumour Cells (pages 212–224): Arne Forssberg
Chapter sixteen impression of Radiation on Metabolism of Regenerating Rat Liver (pages 225–238): Barbara E. Holmes
Chapter 17 The Induction of Chromosomal Aberrations by means of Ionizing Radiations and Chemical Mutagens (pages 239–254): C. P. Swanson and Bengt Kihlman
Chapter 18 fundamental websites of power Deposition linked to Radiobiologigal Lesions (pages 255–274): L. H. Gray
Chapter 19 results of Radiation and Peroxides on Viral and Bacterial features associated with DNA Specificity (pages 275–308): Raymond Latarjet

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Cytochrome c itself is not affected in Esch. coli (Hagen, 1955), nor is the uptake of radioactive 69Feinto cytochrome b of the liver (Bonnichsen and Hevesy, 1955). The citric acid cycle accounts for a large part of the oxidative metabolism of the tissues. The activity of the enzymes of this system can be determined by determining the formation of fluorocitric acid after injection of fluoroacetate. DuBois, Cochran and Doull (1951) have found that a lethal dose of X-rays to the rat inhibits fluorocitric acid accumulation in the spleen, thymus and kidney within three hours.

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In conclusion of this survey of in vitro experiments with enzymes i t may be useful to stress the main features of the IONIZING RADIATIONS AND ENZYMES 33 mode of action of radiation which will have to be considered when attempting to correlate the results with the structural organization and the metabolic activities of cells. (1) Can one assume that the dilution effect may operate inside a cell? I n other words, are there intermicellar spaces through which enzyme molecules diffuse from storage dep6ts when called upon by metabolic requirements of the cell?

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