City of the Damned: New Orleans (Vampire: The Requiem) by Ari Marmell

By Ari Marmell

The Sultry evening Beckons New Orleans lives on borrowed time. Steeped within the customs and traditions of the previous international and governed with an iron fist by means of a pious Prince, the Kindred of town continue the sanctity of the Traditions at court docket and sate their wishes amid the neon glare of Bourbon highway. From the stately manors of the backyard District to the seedy lanes of the French sector, New Orleans seethes with pent-up wish and whispered provides of strength, revolution and revenge. subscribe to the Danse Macabre urban of the Damned: New Orleans provides the large effortless in all its baroque glory, detailing the city's background, the legislation and customs of its aristocratic court docket, and the intrigues of the vampires either well known and petty. A wealth of characters, plot hooks and Storytelling counsel make this a useful source for any Vampire: The Requiem chronicle. Hardcover.

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Its inscription—“The Union Must and Shall be Preserved”—was an added (and locally unwelcome) sentiment by General Butler, the Yankee commander of the occupying force in 1862. According to rumor, Butler’s afterthought was spurred on by one of Vidal’s agents, whose master wanted to remind the lady Pascual that, elder Primogen or no, she was not the Prince of New Orleans. The story could be apocryphal, of course, given the relations between Vidal and Pascual’s heir, but it’s always good for a recounting at Elysium.

Vidal sees no difference between refusing to participate in a hunt and actively aiding the lawbreaker in escaping its tightening grasp. This doesn’t mean, of course, that every Kindred in the city must be on the street with fangs bared and weapons drawn. In fact, Vidal demands that his hunters be as subtle as possible; engaging in a blood hunt is not considered justification for violating the Masquerade. He prefers that most of the Kindred simply seek out the troublemaker, perhaps attempting to anticipate his moves if they know him personally, and report his location once discovered.

And the Ordo Dracul presence in New Orleans is so small that most local Kindred don’t even know they’re here. All that being said, the Dragons do not stand particularly high in Vidal’s estimation. They practice a form of sorcery substantially different from Theban Sorcery, and this marks them as witches in the eyes of the Lancea Sanctum. Vidal dislikes the Dragons’ focus on overcoming the Kindred condition, something that he believes was mandated by God. Finally, he is certainly aware that Lidia Kendall, Cimitiere’s right hand, is a Dragon.

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