CK-12 Engineering: An Introduction for High School by CK-12 Foundation

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15 An irrigation system waters growing cotton plants. Figure 15 shows an irrigation system for a large farm, and represents agricultural mechanization (the development of machines that help farmers produce crops). Prior to the development of farm equipment, farmers relied on animals to help them plow their fields. The planting, watering, and harvesting of crops was all done by hand. The amount of work required to produce crops limited the crops that individual farmers could grow. This also meant that many people were employed in farming and many families grew their own produce.

Some engineers who are not required to hold a professional license choose to do so for other reasons; for example, some do it to demonstrate that they have accomplished a recognized standard. It may also be advantageous when seeking or changing employment opportunities, as the PE certification sets a candidate apart from other nonlicensed engineers. The requirements for engineering licensure are determined by each state, and therefore vary somewhat from state to state. Despite the variations, there is a standard process.

They are women and men, young and old. They are consultants, teachers, and technical sales representatives. They work for small companies and large companies. Many start their own companies. They work in industrial plants and research labs. Some engineers work in an office; some work in production and manufacturing facilities; others spend most of their time working outdoors. And some engineers do a great deal of travel. Engineers need a college degree, and many choose to acquire advanced specialization by pursuing a master’s or PhD degree.

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