Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi

By Swami Panchadasi

There's in each man or woman a feeling which isn't quite often well-known as such, even though approximately everybody has had kind of event relating to its workings. I consult with the experience of the presence of different dwelling issues, separate and except the operation of any of the 5 traditional actual senses. I ask you to appreciate that i'm now not claiming that it is a greater experience than the opposite actual senses, or that it has come to guy in a excessive country of evolution. to the contrary, this feeling got here to dwelling issues a ways again within the scale of evolution. it really is possessed via the better types of the reduce animals, reminiscent of the pony, puppy, and nearly all of the wild beasts. Savage and barbaric males have it extra hugely constructed than it's when it comes to the civilized guy. actually, this actual feel should be termed virtually vestigal in civilized guy, simply because he has no longer actively used it for lots of generations. The occultist in basic terms re-awakens those senses which were nearly misplaced to the race. via use and workout he then develops them to an excellent talent, to be used at the actual airplane.

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