Clanbook: Brujah (Vampire: The Masquerade) by Timothy Bradstreet, Steve Crow

By Timothy Bradstreet, Steve Crow

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Mental, physical, or both. ) The GM may completely prohibit this disadvantage (or any other advantage or disadvantage) if he does not want anyone roleplaying it in his campaign. People react to a known sadist at -3, unless they are from cultures holding life in little esteem. , because the prisoner is one that should be released unharmed), he must make a successful Will roll to restrain himself. Note that it is possible, though despicable, to be both a bully and a sadist. Sense of Duty See p.

Jealousy -10 points You have an automatic bad reaction toward anyone who seems smarter, more attractive, or better-off than you! You will resist any plan proposed by a "rival," and will hate it if someone else is in the limelight. ) If an NPC is Jealous, the GM will subtract 2 to 4 points from his reaction to the victim(s) of his jealousy. Kleptomania -15 points You are compelled to steal - not necessarily things of value, but anything you can get away with. Whenever you are presented with a chance to steal, you must make a Wi ll roll, at up to -3 if the item is especially interesting to you (not necessarily valuable unless you are poor or Greedy, just "interesting").

Because the prisoner is one that should be released unharmed), he must make a successful Will roll to restrain himself. Note that it is possible, though despicable, to be both a bully and a sadist. Sense of Duty See p. 39. -5, -10, -15, -20 points Shyness -5,-10,-15 points You are uncomfortable around strangers. This disadvantage comes in three grades: Mild, Severe and Crippling. You must roleplay your shyness! This disadvantage can be "bought off one level at a time. Mild Shyness: Somewhat uncomfortable around strangers, especially assertive or attractive ones.

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