Collected Papers 1962-1999 by Taran

By Taran

The papers accrued during this quantity deal regularly with old Greek or Roman philosophy. they vary chronologically from the fifth century BC to the sixth century advert, and in them the proof is absolutely offered and mentioned. they're involved quite often with the Presocratics, Plato, Aristotle, the Early Academy, the Platonic and Aristotelian traditions, particularly as represented by way of Neoplatonism. moreover, there are a number of extra basic articles. the 1st offers with the announcing "Amicus Plato sed magis amica veritas" and reviews the several different types of this proverb from the time of Plato and Aristotle to Cervantes within the seventeenth century. one other one discusses the relatively complicated transmission of Plato's alleged epitaph. a 3rd one bargains intimately with an incomplete yet fascinating allegorical interpretation of Heliodorus' "Aethiopica".

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