Combustion theory: the fundamental theory of chemically by Forman A. Williams, F. A. Williams

By Forman A. Williams, F. A. Williams

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Since the specific heat at constant volume is given by c, = c, Ro/W for an ideal-gas mixture, it follows that c,/(Ro/W) = c,/(c, - c,) = y / ( y - l), where y = CJC, is the specific-heat ratio for the final mixture. Solving equation (18) for T, and To and substituting these results into equation (21) therefore yields Equations (9) and (22) show that the Hugoniot equation may be written in the form which contains-only the known constants y, q, p o , and po in addition to the variables p , and p m .

CHAPTER 3 Diffusion Flames and Droplet Burning In the broadest sense, a diffusion flame may be defined as any flame in which the fuel and oxidizer initially are separated. With this usage, the term is synonymous with nonpremixed combustion. The broad definition encompasses a wide variety of processes-for example, a pan of oil burning in air, an aluminum sheet burning in a supersonic air stream, a lighted candle, a forest fire, and a fuel droplet burning in oxygen in a rocket engine. Included here are processes involving unsteady flow, high-speed flow, and highly turbulent motion.

3 that strong deflagrations do not occur; hence the physically meaningful section of the deflagration branch of the Hugoniot curve is DE. Most deflagrations are, in fact, nearly isobaric. 6. Properties of Chapman-Jouguet waves Chapman-Jouguet waves assume a special significance in many systems, particularly those involving detonations. It is therefore of interest to investigate the properties of the Chapman-Jouguet points in greater detail. Analysis of a Simplified System 31 which may be substituted into equation (26) to obtain P = m r + 1)u - rl (27) at either Chapman-Jouguet point.

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