Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials: Preparation, by Dr. Horst Surburg, Dr. Johannes Panten(auth.)

By Dr. Horst Surburg, Dr. Johannes Panten(auth.)

Get an exceptional begin in style and perfume chemistry!

This publication offers a survey of these traditional and artificial perfume and style fabrics that are commercially to be had, produced and used on a comparatively huge scale and that are very important elements for the construction of perfume and taste compositions as a result of their particular sensory features, e.g., scent, style. It presents info on their homes, tools hired of their manufacture, and their parts of program. this is often the fifth version of the vintage "Bauer-Garbe".

'...The very good and concise advent to this specific is by way of huge info on approximately 500 of the main used perfume and taste compounds. Names, molecular formulation, actual facts, scent and taste descriptions, makes use of, and a couple of methods for the bigger scale construction of chemical compounds are all integrated. Successive chapters care for crucial oils, animal secretions, quality controls, toxicology and literature. The formulation, identify and CAS registry quantity index are a useful and well timed addition.' - Parfumer and Flavorist

'...Data that might quite often need to be chosen from many various books are available one resource with this book...with over 800 citations during the textual content, it is a approximately inexhaustible resource of information.' - Euromaterials

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489. 4144, is a colorless liquid with a fruity odor reminiscent of cognac. It is found n15 D in fruits and alcoholic beverages and is used in appropriate aroma compositions. FCT 1981 (19) p. 247. , wild edible mushrooms. It is used in perfume compositions for apple-like (pineapple) notes. FCT 1977 (15) p. 619. 4178, is a liquid with a fruity-flowery odor. It occurs in many fruits and alcoholic beverages and is used in fruit flavors. FCT 1976 (14) p. 763. 902, is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a green, floral note.

Solanone [1937-45-8] and pseudoionone [141-10-6] are acyclic C13 ketones with a terpenoid skeleton. Solanone is one of the flavor-determining constituents of tobacco, pseudoionone is an intermediate in the synthesis of ionones. 4674, occurs in cis as well as trans form and has been identified in fruits and in essential oils. It is a colorless liquid with a fresh-green, slightly penetrating, roselike odor. Geranylacetone is an intermediate in the synthesis of other fragrance substances. It is mainly produced from linalool.

It is a fresh-fruity, slightly green smelling liquid and is used in fruit flavors. FCT 1979 (17) p. 793. 6 kPa 66  C, has been identified in many fruit aromas and green tea. It is a prototype for green odors and is often used in combination with cis-3-hexenol. FCT 1975 (13) p. 454. 3839, is found in many fruits and alcoholic beverages. It has a fruity odor reminiscent of rum and is used in flavor compositions for creating both fruity and rum notes. FCT 1978 (16) p. 749. 4000, occurs in fruits and alcoholic beverages, but also in other foods such as cheese.

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