Comprehensive chess endings by Yuri Averbakh & V. Chekhover

By Yuri Averbakh & V. Chekhover

Finished Chess Endings is a 5 quantity grasp paintings via one of many world's top specialists at the Chess Endgames, Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh. It used to be unique released in Russian. This English model is an immediate translation from the Russian other than that the order of the volumes has been replaced. Ishi Press has released one of many unique Russian Language Volumes. that's Averbakh Chess Endings Bishop opposed to Knight, Rook opposed to Minor items ISBN 4871875024 that's the comparable as quantity 2 during this English Language model. The contents are the exact same, except the interpretation from Russian to English. This sequence was once first released within the Soviet Union in 1954 with a blue not easy hide. It was once reprinted with alterations in 1981 with a tender orange conceal. this can be the 3rd reprinting of the English translations. whenever, the order of the volumes has been replaced. the following we're following this order: entire Chess Endings, quantity 1, Bishop Endings, Knight Endings ISBN 4871875032 finished Chess Endings, quantity 2, Bishop opposed to Knight Endings, Rook opposed to Minor Piece Endings ISBN 4871875040 accomplished Chess Endings, quantity three, Queen and Pawn Endings Queen opposed to Rook Endings Queen opposed to Minor Piece Endings ISBN 4871875059 entire Chess Endings, quantity four, Pawn Endings ISBN 4871875067 complete Chess Endings, quantity five, Rook Endings ISBN 4871875075 An past sequence of an identical books had a special order. There the order used to be 1: pawn endings 2: bishop and knight endings three: bishop vs knight; rook vs minor items four: rook endings five: queens endings. due to the approval for those books, they've got develop into infrequent and hard to acquire. After a global seek we nonetheless haven't been capable of receive a duplicate of quantity five. We had even started to suspect that it was once a phantom booklet, a e-book that were deliberate and introduced yet by no means truly released. Even the Russian language unique variants of this e-book are tough to procure, even though 100,000 have been published. regularly in those books there's a co-author. right here, the knight endings are co-authored via Vitaly Chekhover

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K-K2 BxN 8. PxB B-NSch 9. N-B3 PxP I 0. Q-Q4 B-R4 (This position was also reached in Tchigorin-Caro [Vienna, 1 898], and is evaluated as equal in Botsford Chess Openings) I I . B-R3? (According to GM Lany Evans, White must play I I . K-K3, when there is a perpetual check after I I . . BxN 1 2. PxB Q-KSch 1 3. K-B4 Q-RSch; and if in this line, White continues 1 2. B-NSch P-B3 1 3. PxB PxB 1 4. QxKP QxQch 1 5. KxQ N-Q2, the resulting ending is unclear) I I . . N-B3 1 2. Q-QS R-Q I 1 3. Q-NS PxNch 1 4.

P-QB4 P-K3 3. N-QB 3 P-Q4 4. B-NS QN-Q2 5. P-K3 B ­ K2 6. N-B 3 P-B4? Black falls into an opening trap. We were all strong players, but opening literature was virtually inaccessible back in the early 1930s. 7. B PxP B PxP Black can do better with 7 . . NxP. 8. QxP PxP 9. B-NS 0-0 I 0. BxQN BxB I I . BxN BxB 1 2. QxQP At this point, White is simply winning. 1 2. . Q-B I 1 3. N-Q4 KR-Q I 1 4. 0-0 B-B 3 I S. Q-QBS B-K I QRxQ 1 7. KR-Q I P-KN3 1 8. N/Q4-K2? 1 6. QxQ Pointless and ultimately dangerous.

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