Conan: Messantia--City of Riches (Conan RPG) by Greg Lynch

By Greg Lynch

Conan the Roleplaying online game has been generally permitted by way of avid gamers because the such a lot dramatic increase in gaming because the arrival of the d20 method. choked with cutting edge rules and interesting innovations, it’s the main spoke of RPG of the yr. the variety of winning Conan releases has purely strengthened this, and Messantia – urban of Riches maintains that culture. Messantia – urban of Riches is the second one towns field set for Conan the Roleplaying video game, following a similar trend because the highly expected Shadizar – urban of the depraved. located at the southern coast of Argos, Messantia is a sophisticated buying and selling urban the place enterprise is king and any deal may be performed if the fee is correct. This unique field set not just contains 3 distinct resource books, a superbly rendered poster measurement map in addition to a variety of alternative place maps. Messantia is a sea port the place whatever can occur and plenty of adventures start their tales in its winding streets and wide quaysides. Written via intriguing newcomer, Greg Lynch, Messantia – urban of Riches is bound to be one other renowned addition to Conan the Roleplaying video game.

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It is said that the last surviving members hid what wealth they could deep in these catacombs before fleeing the city. Final Building: This is the crypt of the Order of Engineers. Only a few years before the Blackblood Plague effectively closed the cemetery, the Order made a startling discovery while expanding the catacombs beneath their mausoleum. They broke through into an ancient stairway that descended into the depths of the ancient Acheronian temple. Ferrino Elemosius, the Builder at the time, had the opening sealed up, all slaves who knew of it killed and swore every Engineer to silence.

Disputes in Cranetown are settled as often with knives as with laws, however. Though there is usually peace among the five clans, disputes can sometimes break into violence. The clans are easy to tell apart, even to an outsider, as every clansman is tattooed extensively. This is solely for identification, both in life and in death, as a dead man in the water is not likely to remain intact very long, and the tattoos can tell his identity even when every other trace is gone. The Shark’s Bite (239): A simple tavern and the only inn in Cranetown.

The shipwrights who labour here know the deepest secrets of the mighty Argossean warships, a fact that is widely known and the importance of which is lost on no one. There have been several attempts by Zingaran pirates to take Freecove, but the shipyard’s defences have proven too difficult for them to breach, and the pirates end up fleeing the area, pursued by a dozen of Argos’ greatest warships oaring west to send them to the bottom of the sea. Freecove is a place of hard work, with mills turning out masts and planks, smithies forging deadly rams and labourers swarming over the skeletal frames of ships under construction.

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