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However, there are cases when Drago's equation gives results significantly deviating from the experiment, specifically for systems containing boron compounds. Some examples of nonconformity of calculation and experimental data are shown [49]. 1 BF3 + (CH2)4S Such deviations may be explained by both shortcomings of formally developed mathematical model and the probability of appreciable errors of C and E determination. 17, etc. Nevertheless, the predictive strength of Drago's equation allowed its use for generalization of data on several hundred systems; therefore, the equation received wide recognition.

However, this suggestion was not widely used. 2+l MacRay function or some other expressions [33-37]. Perhaps, it seems desirable to finish this brief review of various solvent influences on physical and chemical behavior of solutes and its description by multiparameter equation by H. e. they take into account the diversity of substrate-solvent interactions instead of the medium polarity only. Although the way and the model grounds for better separation of polarity of solvation ability of the solvent into several, wherever possible, independent complementary interaction parameters are not clear yet.

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