Crafty Birds: Bird Art & Crafts for Mixed Media Artists

Freedom, grace, happiness, simplicity--all are characteristics linked to the standard chicken, an issue favorite by means of artists and crafters everywhere.

Crafty Birds celebrates these nice feathered pals with an enthralling number of mixed-media projects.

From jewellery to university to soldering and more--and from all of your favourite North gentle authors, together with Kelly Rae Roberts, Josie Cirincione and Stephanie Lee--you'll take pleasure in feathering your nest with:

jewellery tasks, together with necklaces, rings and bracelets.
college initiatives, together with paper, textile and electronic media.
Mixed-media tasks, together with assemblage, soldering and paintings journaling.

And you'll research professional suggestions for operating with resin, twine, plaster, encaustic, Adobe Photoshop, and extra! So unfold your wings and get started--Crafty Birds will depart you hovering!

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