Cultures without Culturalism: The Making of Scientific by Karine Chemla, Evelyn Fox Keller

By Karine Chemla, Evelyn Fox Keller

Cultural money owed of medical principles and practices have more and more grow to be welcomed as a corrective to previous—and nonetheless commonly held—theories of medical wisdom and practices as common. The editors warning, although, opposed to the temptation to overgeneralize the paintings of tradition, and to lapse right into a type of essentialism that flattens the variety and diversity of medical paintings. The publication refers to this tendency as culturalism. The individuals to the quantity version a brand new direction the place historicized and cultural bills of clinical perform maintain their specificity and complexity with no falling into the traps of culturalism. They research, between different concerns, the potential for utilizing notions of tradition to review habit in monetary markets; the ideology, association, and perform of earthquake tracking and prediction in the course of China's Cultural Revolution; the background of quadratic equations in China; and the way learning the "glass ceiling" and employment discrimination grew to become permitted within the social sciences. Demonstrating the necessity to comprehend the paintings of tradition as a fluid and dynamic method that at once either shapes and is formed by way of clinical perform, Cultures with no Culturalism makes a massive intervention in technological know-how studies.

individuals. Bruno Belhoste, Karine Chemla, Caroline Ehrhardt, Fa-ti Fan, Evelyn Fox Keller, Kenji Ito, Guillaume Lachenal, Donald MacKenzie, Mary Morgan, Nancy Nersessian, David Rabouin, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Claude Rosental, Koen Vermeir

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Investors in the more senior tranches even of subprime mortgage-backed securities continued largely to ignore the risk of default and still focused primarily on prepayment (see MacKenzie 2011). , in the packaging of loans into pools and the selling of securities based on those pools): if the risk of default on these loans is thus passed on to external investors, then the originators of the loans that will go into the pool have a much reduced incentive to monitor the capacity of borrowers to repay.

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