Curiosity by Gary Blackwood

By Gary Blackwood

Intrigue, chance, chess, and a real-life hoax mix during this ancient novel from the writer of The Shakespeare Stealer

Philadelphia, PA, 1835. Rufus, a twelve-year-old chess prodigy, is recruited through a shady showman named Maelzel to secretly function a mechanical chess participant referred to as the Turk. The Turk wows ticket-paying viewers individuals and avid gamers, who don't realize that Rufus, the genuine chess grasp, is hidden contained in the contraption. yet Rufus's task operating the automaton needs to be stored mystery, and he fears he could by no means manage to break out his unscrupulous grasp. And what has occurred to the former operators of the Turk, who appear to disappear once Maelzel not wishes them? Creeping suspense, lots of secret, and cameos from Edgar Allan Poe and P. T. Barnum mark Gary Blackwood's effective go back to center grade fiction.

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Ltlh3?! fc5 ! ib3? ie4. g. fxe5 1 2 f3 holding a plus for White, while 7 ... c5? axb4! ie3) 7 .. gdl ! fxe4 ltlxe4, viz. id4 ltlc6 l 3 . ltlxe5 hb5 with equality, yet 9 ... g. e3? gd2!? ltlg3? f4! ig4?! ltlf3 did not give Black full compensation, Gutman. fxdS ! ie2 ie6 leaves Black with a slight edge; however, less precise is 6 ... �fl !? fdl is best met by 7 .. ib4+!? fxd4 1 2 . fb4+, Vasquez - Liascovich, Buenos Aires 200 1 . On 7 ... xd8 9. a3 ! �d l , S. ixb l+! ltlg3? fxb4?! lDO is a solid response.

Jc5? ltld5+, Hergert, but IL ltlg3 ! a3 (if 17M 1, then 17 ... Jxb4) 17 ... id7 !? ixf6 20J�xd7 E:e6 with some plus for White, Gutman. 9... �xh l 9 .. ltlf3 ltlxhl ( I O... ltlc6? 0-0, Tartllkower) - see 9_. ltlf3 ic5. This is definitely the lesser evil. ic5 was tried first. �13 White has a choice of shots: A) 1 1 �xh7 ltld7 ( l l ... g. b4! ic5 ( IO .. �b4?! ltlh3 ltlc6) 1 1 .. 0-0! g5 !? le7+ ( 1 2 . Wfl � ( 1 3 ... �e4!? le7 (it is hard to suggest anything better, we see: I I .. d2 ! �xf6+ gxf6 14� 1s wrong, not due to 1 4 ...

AS ( l l .. aS is worth clarification. �xe5 &eS. lt:ld4!? g. �fd l lt:ld7!? ( l 2 ... �c l lt:lf6 should be level, Gutman. �d2 is advisable. f4! 0-0 aS see the text. 0-0. f4 �f6, Bjordal Gundersen, corr l 99 1 . •. Ac7 lS. c5 b6 1 6llac l favours White, Gutman. Ag2 f5 gives Black more control, Gutman. 0-0 a S!? lt:lc3 c6 is another way, Gutman . �c3 fS 18. �dS tff7 Black has a sound position, Gutman. �c3 0-0 1 0. M I - Part 4, Chapter 3, Section 4) I O ... b6 (IO.. �fdl d5 20_gac l or I O.. b5!?

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