Cyril Of Jerusalem: Bishop And City (Supplements to Vigiliae by Jan Willem Drijvers

By Jan Willem Drijvers

This quantity offers with the episcopate of Cyril of Jerusalem (350 to 387). Its total topic is the connection among the town and its bishop and, particularly, Cyril's efforts to advertise Jerusalem because the Christian urban par excellence, by way of applying Jerusalem's non secular symbols - the holy websites and the pass. except chapters on Jerusalem within the fourth century C.E. and at the lifestyles and works of Cyril, this examine discusses very important elements and occasions of Cyril's episcopacy, similar to his pastoral paintings as an city bishop of the Jerusalem Christian neighborhood, Jerusalem's liturgy, the rebuilding of the Temple, giving a re-interpretation of the Syriac letter ascribed to Cyril approximately this occasion, and Jerusalem's and Palestine's spiritual panorama.

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A. "ll Cyril served as a deacon and ,,'as ordained in the plicsthood by ~Iaximus. ~Iaxirnus wasjerusalcm's bst bishop who 5uflcred from the persecutions in which he lost all eye; Alexander Monach05, De IlIvtlllitlllt S. Crutis 61 (l'e 87/3, '1061). I. E$r. 2. 1. ). 1'01' AC"lcius, see Leroux, 1966. 11 Socr.. 1-2. In order to restore Ath

23 Possibly Cyril did not immediately succeed his predecessor, Maximus. ximus' death, probably without being fomlally consecrated, but that through the combined eflofts of Acacius and other Arian bishops, Heraclius was forced to abdicate and make way for Cyril. Although he evidently had Acacius' support when he was nominated to the jerusalem see, the initial good relations between Cyril and his metropolitan bishop soon became strained. Cyril's episcopacy was dominated and characterized by his difficult relations with Caesarea and its bishop.

He/she mentions the LOmb that was only a stone's throwaway from the hillock of Golgotha and the basilica that was built there by the order of Constantine; the basilica was of wonderful beauty and had a cistern and a bath, in which children were washed. oo This bath most prob- ably refers to the baptistery lhat was pan of the church complex and was situated at its south side. from Cyril's lVlystagogical Catecheses it may be inferred that the baptistery had several adjoining rooms for the use of catechumens to undress, to be anointed and - after their baptism - to be clothed in white garments.

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